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What's the Greek scene like?

I personally did not go greek, but I have a lot of friends who did. They love it. There are only certain serorities and fraternities that have houses off campus. I think they are working on making that more common. They are very active on campus. They organize charities and they have a good time hosting games and events during homecoming week. A lot of them recruit before the fall semester, so try looking into it before classes start. Only specific serorities and fraternities take in new recruits at semester, so don't limit your options. check out everything as soon as possible. I know it looks good on resumes if you have a sorority or a fraternity added to it. Employers know that fraternity and sorority members have to volunteer often and maintain certain grade point averages in order to stay in the organization. The great thing about the greeks is that they will get you free tutors if you are having trouble and they will make sure you get your grades back up. It's a great way to make friends fast, that's for sure.

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