University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


A useful tip you can use at any college is get to know your professors. Talk to them, ask them questions, and make an effort to get them to remember who you are. This is great for reference letters later on for filling out applications/scholarships. So far I've really enjoyed my criminal justice classes because I have a huge interest in that field, but usually the classes I least enjoy is when I don't understand the teacher. I really advise trying to look up reviews about your professors before you sign up to take their class so you can learn which teaching style you work best with. Students can study for a little bit and study for weeks, but it depends on the person and the class. Class participation is not required for most classes but it does enhance your experience/understanding in that class. Academics can be very competitive but it's like that all colleges, some more than others. I am a sophomore this year, and I've already changed my major twice. Currently it is criminal justice, but I plan on going to medical school. I don't normally spend time with professors outside of class but I do visit them at their office hours if I have any questions. The academic requirements for UNO are reasonable and is not impossible to accomplish. I'm definitely a person who likes to go beyond, so on top of my pre-med classes, i have a criminal justice major and a chemistry minor. The education you get at UNO will without a doubt enable you to get a job in your future. It's just how YOU can push yourself to get there. Try not to drop any class if you can, and for the first two years try to stick with general classes, unless you absolutely know what major you want. Experience new things and figure out what really interests you and maybe you can have a career in that area someday.


Learning is easy to accomplish at UNO. If you are proactive, professors will get to know you and will develop a working rapport. In my majors, Political Science and International Studies, I know my dean and teachers pretty well. Academic requirements are fairly stringent if you want to pursue a degree and it is understood that success requires work. Education can be geared toward the workforce or for general learning because transfer credits are readily accepted from various other institutions.


The average class size is surprisingly only 26-30. Science lectures are usually the biggest. Even then, professors are required to have office hours for students to talk/question them at any time. My professors know me. If not by name they still know who I am and my progress in the class. Most of the teachers do know names though. There are a range of how classes are conducted. There are lectures, classes that use powerpoints, notes handed out, or completely online. There are also a lot of resources for students such as the Math and Science learning center, Writing and Speech Center, and the Career center. Certified tutors are always available for free for students that need help in whatever class they need help in.


Part of attending a liberal arts college means that you will have to take classes to help make you a well rounded individual. I have taken science classes, math classes and humanities classes. It's meant to help you make sure that the career path you have chosen is exactly what you want it to be. I have very good relationships with my professors. When it gets down to the wire and you reach your Junior year you have to start applying for internships and leadership opportunities and it can get very competative. I am a Political Science major and I know all of the teachers in the department very well. i have taken classes ranging from Environmental Biology to Arabic to Old testament studies. My professors use the online grading system blackboard to post assignments and grades. All professors have office hours in which they can meet with you before or after class for additional assistance if needed. I have never had a professor turn me away when I needed help, and a few of them have even come to group study sessions upon request. There is a career center within the student center on campus that is geared towards helping students find internship opportunities and jobs after graduation. UNO has resources all over the place that any student can utilize.