University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular organizations on campus are Maverick Productions (Mav Pro) and Greek Life. I've always wanted to be on a committee for Mav Pro but I haven't had time. They put on a lot of fun events throughout the year such as a comedy & poetry night, a jason derulo concert, a concert for "Rock Away Cancer", and so much more! I am involved in Greek life and I absolutely love it. We have social exchanges with other fraternities and organizations on campus, we volunteer at retirement homes, have fundraiser events for our philanthropy, play intramurals, we have our own hayrack rides, and formal dances. I definitely recommend going out for greek like because it can be a life changing experience. You may not think it's for you, but you won't know until you try it. Our athletic events are always filled with students and their parents/families, especially for hockey. There are musicals that our theater departments puts on throughout the year, and we have fun traditions such as welcome week and homecoming week/parade. People are partying all the time because it's college, and it doesn't necessarily mean you have to drink. It's good to go out and meet new people! It's the same across the country, but sometimes it's nice to stay in and have a movie night with you friends. The dating scene is pretty much the same wherever you go, even though some places may be more romantic than others, you still get to meet new people and experience numerous personalities.


The top organizations on campus are the religious groups, Greek life, and "Maverick Productions" (who organizes different events for students such as bringing celebrities to campus). I met my closest friends through Greek life and Student Government. Both were very easy to get involved in. On the average weekend, you can do anything that Omaha offers. It is not restricted to being a college town so it offers many types of activities. Many people walk around the Old Market, shopping, going out to eat, go to the zoo, hang out in the dorms, go to any of the fun centers around town, There is so many things to do!


If you are worried about fitting in, don't be. There are organizations for everyone. During welcome week (first week of the first semester) all the clubs put up booths on campus advertising their club or sport and anyone can join. I have seen sports such as: soccer, rugby, lacross, fencing, rock climbing, and even badminton. I have also seen pro-life clubs, republican clubs, democrats clubs, students for peace ect. I volunteer and participate in the study abroad agency and I was also a member of student government. There is a mavradio where students can be radio announcers and DJs. There is also a group called maverick productions which has organized events that have brought groups like Owl City and the comedian Nick Swardson to perform at local auditoriums with discounted tickets offered to students. Hockey games are a big deal on campus, and most students attend those. Fraternities and Sororities are present and rising. Most of them don't have houses, but a few of them just received permission to own houses, so they are growing. I lived in the dorms on campus my freshman year and I didn't have a single complaint. My roommates were great and I left my door unlocked all the time. It is a very safe atmosphere.There are Mavarick Mojo nights which are school sponsored events held off campus such as: pizza nights, movie nights, bowling nights ect. UNO is a dry campus meaning no alcohol allowed, but downtown is just a short drive away and the indie Dundee part of town is only a walk away. There are plenty of bars, indie film theatres, clubs, restaurants, movie theatres and much more downtown. Omaha night life is a website that college kids go to in order to find out events in omaha, and there is a group called DefyGravity that throws huge parties at venues in the downtown/midtown area that include 18+ attendance. Each summer Omaha has fairs and concerts all over the place. Its not hard to accidentally run into fun.