University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Everyone there is friendly, and it has a reletively small campus that is easy to navigate.


The limits are endless at UNO. There are so many social clubs, endless majors, and the campus does their best to do exciting FREE stuff throughout the semester. I have had a blast at UNO and would recommend it to someone especially because you get so much fun and education for the affordable tuition you pay to attend. This is a great first year school to get the basics done even if you are unsure what future job you would like. It's a great place to find yourself and discover what you are good at.


My school is conveniently located in the heart of Omaha. The school has an assortment of degrees available, with excellent staff to help you pursue your academic goals. There are many activities available for anyone looking for the college experience. The university also has taken on ambitious expansion plans with their recent additions and renovations. The University of Nebraska at Omaha offers an excellent college experience.


About my amazing group of friends and the group I am involved in


My major.


I dont brag to my friends about my school because all of my friends go to the same school as i do. so they know what its is like to go here.


I love that my school has a flexible schedule, many course offerings at varying times throughout the day, an excellent choir and band program, as well as the peer comradery. Many of my friends go to surrounding schools and are not able to experience some of the things I am, so I try to recruit them as best I can. I feel very blessed to have found a university that meets so many of the things I need in order to have the best experience possible.


I most frequently brag about my dorm room and my college living conditions. I was given my own room, and share a bathroom with only three other people. There is a cafeteria located in the same building that I live in which means I won't freeze to death trying to eat during the winter. Maid service was also included with my dorm room. No bathroom cleaning for me!! Thanks to all of these accomodations I feel as though my room is the perfect environment for achieving everything I set out to achieve!


Mostly I just refer to the athletics, the facitities I worked out in as a student athlete, and a one or two especially inspiring professors.


It's the perfect size and has something for everybody. The campus is pretty, and there is a lot of diversity.


Its very nice and comfortable. All the buildings are nice and it is a fast growing campus.


We're actually serious about school here. We have a good time, but it's not a crazy party school. It's a growing school with a lot going on. It's getting more attention but it's not a huge school. One of the great things about that is that it's affordable (under $8,000 per year).


how its the perfect size .and there is alot to do even though its nebraska.


That the class sizes are perfect and the professors are excellent in the area that they teach. Also everyone on campus is very nice and is always willing to help you out if you need anything, especially in classes if you miss for some reason they are always willing to help you catch up.