University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is not outgoing and not willing to take the time to go to class and fully comprehend their classes.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend UNO is one that wants to meet new people, but doesn't want to join an organization. You have to join a campus organization to make good friends because most people commute to campus.


I don't know.


I think any type of person would enjoy this school. You can make it as big or small as you want depending on if you want to really jump into the whole college expirence.


I think that this particular school can be for anybody who is looking for some great education in helping them with whatever may lie ahead for them in the future. UNO has a vast variety of undergraduate programs that can prepare you for graduate schools of your choice and it also has a multitude of choices of graduate programs. As well, UNO can prepare you if you're seeking to head straight into the workforce after you've completed an undergraduate program.


A shy person. It is very hard to meet friends here.


People who are not passionate about their education should not go to this school. While it is not the most elite in academics, University of Nebraska at Omaha is serious about education and is not a "party school."




The University of Nebraska at Omaha is the perfect school for any person wanting to further their education.


oThe kind of person should not attend University of Nebraska at Omaha is the careless person and irresponsible. The student should be responsible and be more creative in his/her ideas.


A person who is NOT motivated to succeed, someone who wants the easy way out.


A person who likes to be in a big city like New York.


Those wanting a big city feeling campus should not attend this particular campus, although they may be surprised at what they find if they do.


Anyone can attend this school. It is a good campus with good teachers and great administration.


People who shouldn't attend this school are under achievers; specifically, people who are just here to party and take things easy. Each one of the classes offered at my university require students to set aside time outside of school to study and work hard for their grades. Students who ditch and skip class will probably not do so well here. Attendance is key for success.


Someone who shouldn't attend the University of Nebraska-Omaha would be someone who doesn't want to work that hard and get a good college education.


someone that wants big greek life its slowly up and coming


someone who's lazy


This is a larger campus, so those looking for a smaller campus with small class sizes, should not attend here. This is also a commuter campus, so having a good form of transportation is very important.