University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


University of Nebraska - Lincoln has provided me with the most intergrated, most challenging, and most rewarding learning experience.


More concerned about uping the enrollment and image to the public than caring for the acutally students who spend their money to go here.


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is dedicated to the success and happiness of thier students and excells at providing real world experience and providing students with the tools required to get ahead in thier desired fields.


University of Nebraska - Lincoln is a school where everyone comes together. The teachers care if you do well, and they want to help you. Football game days are crazy and nobody misses them!


I think that to someone who has never been on the UNL campus it can look a little intimidating. The first time that I was there I was worried that I would never be able to find my way around the campus and would never be able to find my classes. But now that I have been here for a few years it is easy. UNL has a very small campus feel about it that can make anyone feel easy and comfortable at it.


Proud of its football team.


My school is very spirited and everyone comes together as one for any sporting event, out here everyone bleeds Husker red.


My school is the heart of Nebraska; education, research, agriculture and funtimes come together.


Lincoln is the perfect college for me; it matches me inside and out and I couldn't think of a better place to spend my college career.


UNL is vibrant, and social, with a strong emphasis on both academics and social activities.


UNL is a pretty large school with an under appreciated, yet amazing fine arts program, specifically the print making and ceramics program, but there are some stupendous instructors in other programs also.


My school is pretty moderate in all categories.


UNL provides its students with several rewarding and educational opprotunities that will help you grow as an individual.


The University of Nebraska at Lincoln has a great atmosphere with a student body that is willing and active to do whatever it takes to have a good experience, including joining clubs, going to sporting events and working hard in their academic area of interest in order to make it to their career goal, making the experience at Nebraska not only a place where I can receive education but a place where I can achieve life training as well.


My school is full of spirit when it comes to sports, but academics is focused as number one so that students succeed after graduation.


UNL is a large campus with many opportunities and professors that want to help and get to know you.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a large 4-year College. The campus is fair-sized and one can get to one side to the other in about 15-20 minutes. The classes are great and so are the students.


Almost everyone that goes here is either from Omaha or Lincoln, or a small town. We are laid back, nice and focused on academics. There are many opportunities to be involved, and there is a large sense of community.


My university is a sophisticated, enjoyable environment with the best resources available to establish oneself in the business world.


Over all I am a very self-motivated person who hates being late ; artistic, and introverted.


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the largest four-year college in the state and allows you to explore a plethora of courses and extracurricular activities to help you find out what you want to do with your life and the major that will start you on that path, while having one of the highest levels of school spirit in the country.


My school is fun, yet it pushes you hard to succeed in life.


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is adventurous.


I don't think I really could describe UNL in one sentence... There are so many different organizations and vibes that this is impractical!


My school is a home away from home.


Great place to learn


a large university with strong midwestern roots located in a state passionate about football


UNL is very diverse, slightly accomodating, and offers many opportunities.


My school is a place where young adults can come to find a better idea of who they are and what they would like to do with the rest of their lives.


It can be an incredible amount of fun, if you pay attention to what's going on and take time to get to know the "movers and the shakers" on campus; there is always something happening you just have to know where to look.


UNL has the most amazing campus, and there is plenty to do.


This school is over priced.


A wonderful place to live and learn knowning more of the world awaits you upon graduation.


A big school that feels smaller than you'd think with mostly friendly people and a lot to offer academically and even socially.


The school provides a well-rounded education.


UNL is an exciting university with a good balance between high academic expectations and opportunities to socialize.


Energetic, large school with lots of school spirit and many opportunities for almost anything you could want to do.


UNL has a lot of school pride!


Just the right size. Big enough to do what you want, but small enough that you still seem to run into everyone that you know that goes here.


A tradition based school with a strong academic background and plenty of opportunities.


An excellent blend of small town Nebraska hospitality and big city living.


A survey of the grounds.


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a great school to attend, located in the friendliest town I've ever been in, with many fun and educational things to do in and outside of the classroom.


My university is extremely sports- and academics-oriented, and its students population is not very diverse; however, it provides excellent opportunities that other colleges in this area do not have.


Very large, mostly white, football crazed.