University of Nebraska-Lincoln Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Some of the classes are too big!


The cultural makeup of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln seems to be extremely lopsided. Many students on campus are from small towns across the Great Plains, and they generally seem be classified as white-Caucasian. There is a strong representation of study abroad students, especially from Asian countries; campus is overwhelmingly of one ethnic background.


The worst thing about my school would be the cost. However, you can usually get quite a bit of financial aid. Other than that, there are loans available to students with no interest until 6 months after you graduate.


Being forced to educate others that come from a different cultural and community than you that are often unwilling to view the world from a perspective different than their own.


The difficulty of getting schedules set up (offering of classes limited).


I think the worst part is the rising tuition and difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition. I do not think some of the construction is necessary on campus, and I live extremely close to Nebraska but am paying quite a bit more than my friends who are from the state.


The worst thing is that because we are a research university sometimes instructors are more focused on research and not on teaching, so their teaching methods aren't always great.


Certain professors who act holier-than-thou and make fun of students.


The academic workload of each class, because it is not always conductive to learning, but rather comes off as busy work sometimes, and has the cumulative effect of stifling socialization.


Some teachers are there for their research, but they have to teach a class too... so they end up being poor teachers because they don't really care about teaching, just their research.


Maybe the weather in the winter time, I am from Florida so the winters in Nebraska are tuff.


The class size can sometimes be hard because it may be intimidating when trying to get special attention from the professor.


I consider the worst thing about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the diversity, not just race or ethnicity, but region. In other words, I have faced some difficulties not simply based on me being black, but because I'm from the east coast. However, the difficulties that I face are not as bad as those who are from other countries. This school simply needs to reach out to all students about students from different regions so that they have a better understanding of them, which I've seen this school improve on.