University of Nevada-Las Vegas Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


UNLV is best known for the city of Las Vegas, and all it has to offer. The strip attracts many students. The city has a great amount of social things for students to do. The basketball team is also very popular. Greek life is not as big as at other universities, but for those involved, it's very important. The hotel management school within the university is one of the best in the nation.


The University of Nevada-Las Vegas is best known for hospitality.


The University of Nevada Las Vegas is best known for it's diversity of students. Regardless of your interests, we're positive they'll be a group or club that fits your interests. Each students finds their home here where they belong and can create lifelong friendships and memories while at this institution.


Our school is most known for the great Hospitality Management program and also the Runnin' Rebels basketball team.


I recently transferred from the University of Nevada, Reno to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas because of financial reason, so I am unsure what UNLV is best known for. However, UNR has many traditions and was the first university to be established in Nevada. Some traditions include homecoming, Mackay Week, Painting the “N,” and the new creation of the Blue Crew to support fellow classmates at athletic events. School spirit is always in the air and they are super competitive when it comes to playing against UNLV.


My school is best known for its failure at football and its hotel and business school.


It's football team.


My school being in one of the most frequently visited cities makes it such a privilege to attend there. There are many diverse races and intentions of attending University of Nevada Las Vegas, which gives me a greater opportunity to experience different types of personalities to improve my knowledge for my major. Thus, the fact that our school is less than ten minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip is greatly appreciated and can help me toward what I plan to graduate and get a degree in.


My school is best known for its sports.


PREMIER UNLV! at the start of fall semester there is a pep rally of sorts for that school year. they give out shirts and other goodies and take a picture where each letter is a different class u-freshman n-sophmores l-juniors v-seniors it is really fun. everyone is in good spirits and there is music and other super fun things to do. definitely one of the more prominent traditions on campus and the most fun


The school is probably known best for their basketball team, especially this year. Whenever the school is on televison it is always a basketball game. Another thing that my school is best known for is the focus on the hotel aspect of the town what with the Strip. There are many classes for those who wish to work in the hotel or beverage business.


my favorite tradition by far is the unlv premier. at the beginning of every fall semester for one night there is a big get together on the north field. the main purpose of the event is to get new students and old students to mingle and come together as a university. there are always a ton of people present and there is a lot of free food and free items to get such as water bottles and t-shirts. there is a big stage with dancers and djs and a lot of other entertainment. the culmination of all of this is once it gets dark outside, all of the students either use their cell phones or glowsticks and form unlv with their bodies. freshman form the u and so on and so forth. once all is lit up and everybody is in position, fireworks go off and our picture is snapped. it is truly an awesome time. oh and everything there is free!


UNLV is known for its excellent basketball team. The Rebels have been in the top 25 for the passed 4 years. Not only are the Rebels known for basketball but they have one of the top education programs in the country.


the college of hospitality management


Our school is best known for having many facilities. I'm a continuing freshman so I'm still discovering what UNLV is great for. And so far I've enjoyed it very much. The events they hold are fun, the tailgates and rallies are exciting, and overall the professors there really want to help you. People are friendly, and that made my transition to the school much easier. My favorite place to be is the Student Union, where theres a vast amount of people to interact with and food all the time!


NCAA basketball championships.


My school is best known for its hotel administration since it is so close to the Las Vegas strip, which is home to the most extravagant hotels and casinos in the world.


UNLV is best known for its basketball team, as well as its Hotel and Hospitality Management degree. The basketball team is a fun extracurricular activity to pay attention to, and the Hotel and Hospitality majors usually get a top notch education. UNLV is NOT known for their Film department.


A great teaching staff and an extremely good college for engineers like myself. It also provides itself as being culturally diverse and accepting.


In my opinion, my school is best known for its pride. Team sports and events at my school receive a wide array of fanfare and school pride.


UNLV is best known for offering Hotel Management and Hospitality as a major. Students who attend UNLV for Hotel Management and Hospitality benefit from having some of the largest hotels less than three miles from campus. We have one of the most prestegious schools in the business.


UNLV is known for it's amazing Hospitality programs, horrible football record, and great basketball! We also have a lot of pride in our school!


My school is best know for it basketball team.


My school is best known for its students that become prestigious business managers or employees for hotels. It is also a very green campus, there are solar panels and this year the Sierra Coalition raised a great amount of money to support further green projects.


It has a great Hotel Administration and Business college that receive much attention.


UNLV Running Rebels Mens basketball team


UNLV is best known for being in Las Vegas, Nevada because this is the party city and attracts many kids. This is very true but the academics are still great.


It has a lot of students from local high schools and is in close proximity to The Strip, with all the casinos and entertainment venues there.


UNLV is a good school for those going into the Hotel Industry. We have a good basketball team.


I think my school is best known for its determining spirit. Eventhough the school may not be the best at certain things, there is that determining spirit from everyone that just makes you want to work harder and try to be the best.


The University of Nevada Las Vegas, is known for it's uniqueness. This campus has more of a culturally diverse group than any other college I know. There is also a variety of different involvments that one can attend to gain friends and expirence. I feel this campus has greatness thrust upon it due to the student body that makes it all worth while.


UNLV has a great hotel management program. They also offer a fairly well-known, but unaccredited, journalism school. We are also known for our terrible football team!


Our Hotel Administration and Food and Beverage College. Also for being the college in Sin City. And no, we don't have strippers for professors. They make way more money than our professors.


Probably for our basketball team.


working with casinos and hotel in the business college


UNLV is known to have the best college of hospitality management. Students in the college are offered many job opportunities on and off the strip. UNLV is also known to have a great golf professionalism major as well as a golf team. Since the school is close to the Las Vegas strip, it is easy to have access to entertainment and dining experiences.


My school is best known for its hosipatlity college and basketball team, GO REBELS!


It is best known for having the best college basketball team.


Budget cuts, unnecessary parking tips, over priced services and goods


academic program sports entertainment social program