University of Nevada-Las Vegas Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


the stereotype for the kids at my school is those who just drink and go out to the strip and party all night. for the most part i must say that this is not true mainly bc it is so fricken expensive to go out and drink and go clubbing all of the time. there are people who tend to do that a lot more than others but for the most part all of the kids at unlv are laid back and like to party but mostly do it at kick-backs at their friend's houses if they even party at all.


There exists a common stereotype that UNLV students are underachievers, and that the university itself leans towards the description of a "lack-luster" institution.


That students who graduate from UNLV never leave Las Vegas, that we all live in casinos, that UNLV is not a good school, and that it is a party school.


That we are all majoring in Bartending and Pole Dancing.


Most UNLV students have a job. They are very friendly and down-to-earth.


A lot of people ask me, "How can you go to school there? Don't you party and gamble all the time?" Another misconception is that I'm not as smart or I'm bad at cheerleading because it's a commuter college and the cheer team isn't well known.


unlv doesn't have any type of culture to it


That UNLV students are generally Vegas-born children attending in-state only due to the Millennium Scholarship and semi-affordable tuition.


Uninvolved, dumb, we all have C averages in high school.


UNLV students are party animals


just because we reside in vegas we all partying alcoholics and have no potential


That alot of people believe that UNLV is not a good school, as academically challenging as others.


People often mistake our school for not being that great because we aren't an IVY League or how we it is University of Never Leaving Vegas.


UNLV students like to party a lot since Las Vegas is the "City of Sin". Students are assumed to party all the time especially if you're someone who lives in the dorms.


That UNLV students go to UNLV only because of the millenium scholarship.


I am not sure if there are any sterotypes about UNLV but the one I heard all the time before going to UNLV was how easy the classes were.


UNLV is just a big party school.


People often view UNLV students as being underachievers and dumb.


Mostly all from vegas


The courses at UNLV aren't as rigorous as courses from some of the more prestigious schools.


low education


I don't know of any stereostypes about the UNLV students. The stereotype that I know of about UNLV is that UNLV is a really bad school, the education is bad.


UNLV consists of all local students who couldn't get into a better out of state college. Every girl at UNLV is a stripper. UNLV is way too easy and admits anyone.