University of Nevada-Las Vegas Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe that UNLV is fit for any type of person. The student body is extremely diverse, which reflects the city as a whole. Any kind of person can find something to enjoy at UNLV and in Las Vegas.


A person with an open mind who is looking for an education as well as an overall college experience.


The person that should attend this school must be inclined to put school first. With temptations galore, UNLV is not for those who are weak in peer pressure. The school is meant for those who enjoy urban living and also those who seek lower tuition than many schools throughout the country. Students who want job opportunities and low cost of living should attend UNLV.


University of Nevada-Las Vegas is best for people who are only at school to earn a degree. It is a commute school for a majority of people, meaning they are there to go to class and then go home. I am interested in acedemics as well as forming friendships, and getting involved in college. I want my university to be my second home . Somewhere I feel comfortable and feel like I belong.


Any and everyone should attend UNLV. I think it is an excellent school for out-of-state-students. If you have never left your home town, go to UNLV. If you live close to the region, but do not want to venture too far away from home, go to UNLV. Finally, I encourage local students who have graduated from a school in the state of Nevada to attend UNLV as well. It is important to note that UNLV is nationally ranked for diversity, and it is a minority serving institution.


Honestly, a student who enjoys the outside city would likely enjoy this kind of University. However, anybody can get along nicely here. Even if Vegas isn't the city for you, living on campus would make anybody feel like they were in a different atmosphere.


University of Nevada- Las Vegas (UNLV) is an amazing university in Las Vegas. UNLV is the best university in Las Vegas. I would say an independant, diligent, active, easy-going, and professionalist person should attend this school. UNLV expect every students to be independant and be proffesionalist with every professor, classmates, and others. I believe the type of people like I describe before will be a successful people in University of Nevada- Las Vegas and in the real world.


The type of person who should attend my schools is the commuter. Most students at my school stay in off campus housing and travel to and from school. Students looking to be involved in extracurricular activities such as sororities/fraternities, volunteering, or intramural sports would also enjoy my school. UNLV has a very active Greek presence on campus that hosts many parties and events, on and off campus. Volunteering is also encouraged at my school. There are various organizations such as Delivering and Serving Hope (DASH), which prepares and serves food to the homeless.


Anyone who is willing to learn and wants to stay near their family and friends. If the student is loking for a good school with a little cost of tuition this is the right school for them.


A person who is outgoing would love to be at this school. There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus outside of the classrooms, and it is really easy to join any of the clubs. The professors really care so if students actually want to learn something there is someone who is willing to support them and help with their academic endeavors and ultimately their career goals. If students are dreaming big, especially in the hotel/casino management department, this is the perfect place for them.


A person that should attend UNLV is a person that doesn’t let the hype of living in ‘Sin CIty’ and partying affect their schoolwork and grades. People get so caught up in the clubs, night-life, and being popular, they loose sight of their schoolwork and long-term goals. To attend this school, you have to have your mind set and focused on what you are there to do.


A variety of people can attend this University. This school has majors that range in difficulty. Popular degrees are on the lower end of difficulty, but this school offers an amazing Engineering program and Law Program for dedicated students. I reccomend attending this school with a major in mind as opposed to being undeclared and taking various classes that may not count towards a declared major.


a person who is dedicated


The personality that would best suit the atmosphere and environment of UNLV should be outgoing. A person must be highly motivated and sociable and have the ability to speak for themselves. People who are unable to make friends easy will find UNLV to be a lonely place. If a person is driven, motivated, and socially skilled; then UNLV is perfect for you.


Any kind of person can attend this school, epecially those that live in Las Vegas and those that like the summer heat. Its a good school to start at and use as a stepping stone to go towards graduate school or maybe another university.


The types of people that should attend this school is any person. This school works with any type of person out there and you do not need to be a genius to be in college, all you need is devotion. This school is really great with undeclared majors they really buckle down and help you and find out who you are and tell you what you would be best in.


Someone that have their mind made up on finishing school not having anything get in their way of making sure that they get their career going. To be able to stay focus on school you have to have at least your family or children to be able to have something to focus on, making sure that you stay in school and get what your career that your going for. It really does not matter on your age, or to when you actually start this school or any school for that matter. Any individual could start school at any forgiving time.


Any one could attend this school, that is what is so great about UNLV. The social, economic,ethnic, ect. statuses are very welcome here. UNLV offers a broad spectrum of classes and times which allows people who are working or have kids to still be able to go through school. I am also very impressed at the amount of adults, over the age of 30, that attend this school. It adds a new dimension to classes, because they often provide great insight to the subject matter that a younger person may not think of.


Anyone willing to strive for their own future.


Any kind of person that likes to meet new people and people that live in the Las Vegas valley that do not want to pay a fortune to get a good education should attend University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV).


This campus has so much to offer from athletics to debate teams. UNLV is extremely flexible to meet the needs of their diverse student population. What I have found to be a common theme encouraged by the school is "getting involved." This university offers hundreds of organizations, clubs, sports - you name it, they have it or a student can start it. Getting involved in campus activities and school spirit really is the best way excel in classes and have a satisfying college experience. Anyone focused on education, looking to meet new people and willing to get involved should attend.


This school is great for the non-traditional student. It has a very diverse student body including those of different races, religions and age groups.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone willing to learn and gain knowledge of the field or major they are getting into. The University of Nevada Las Vegas offers many educational opportunities and if a student is eager to learn and preparedly studies, they can be successful in their education.


The type of person that should attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is one that can cope with a social and academic edge. This individual must know when it is time for academics and when it is time to have a social life. Being a student at UNLV, you get asked all the time by your peers to go out and experience what the Las Vegas Strip really has to offer. However, you know that you have an early morning class the next day. Its all about the ability to persevere and use time management effectively.


I believe that anyone could attend this school because school is a place for people who want to learn. If you have the mind set to get out there, meet new people, and learn, then you should definitely go to school at UNLV.


A focused, profession, but open minded, and social person should attend this college. You need to be able to focus and get where you want to go, but you also need to be able to get out, talk to people, and have fun.


Anyone who is interested in finding a job in Las Vegas


A person who likes a decent sized campus and a diverse community. You also have to be able to adapt to living in a big city. It can be a lot to handle and is deceiving when you first apply at the school.


Those who can handle being around many different people from different backgrounds and cultures. They should be able to handle themselves in a city but not freak out with large amounts of open space. Being able to walk is a plus as our campus is fairly large, and be ready to handle studying despite distractions. There is alot going on socially


any kind that wants to further their education




The type of person that should attend UNLV is someone who can resist the lifestyle of Las Vegas and be able to make it to class. The key to succeeding at UNLV regardless of major is to do the work and to show up to classes.


An easy going person who loves to learn and loves to be around others.




One who wants an education from professors who have a lot of work experience in their field and cares more about teaching real life experiences than concepts out of a book.


Someone who wants a decent education but doesn't mind a commuter school without a strong atmosphere of school pride.


Someone wo does want to become involved because UNLV is a commuter school getting involved is the best way to get the most out of UNLV and college life.


You need to be a person that is going to school for the right reasons. UNLV is a commuter school and most students come to get a degree not to party or play.


The type of person who should attend this school is a career minded and driven individual who cares for his or her future. As well as any individual who has a dream of succeeding in their lives. The university offers great opportunities for any student attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas.


A person who wants to meet new people, make life-long friends, and wants to try something different in their life.


I person driven and dedacated to education!