University of Nevada-Las Vegas Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is all of the activities and clubs that are offered because there is a place for everyone.


The best thing about my school is I feel like I am getting an education with the quality classes, and have options of what classes to take.


It is a great place to go to school for working adults and recent high school graduates alike. They offer a variety of classes in the evening and also on the weekends.


I like the clean campus and the modern look and feel it provides.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. It's always laidback and the people are friendly. It's easy to fit in and get along with everyone.


The best thing is that they have free tutoring so I can get help anytime.


Thus far, I've had incredible instructors. In addition, the amount of activities offered at this University are incredible. They're always up to something and always do their best to include all of the students that are enrolled.


The best thing about UNLV is that it attract people from all around the world. You can not discount what you learn in the classrooms but the cultural education is priceless. It is a very valuable thing to be able to interact with different cultural backgrounds in a real way without every leaving you country. The experience does not replace the knowledge you gain for traveling international but it serves a taste. So the best thing about UNLV in the cultural and social intellegent you gain along with academic education.


I think the best thinga about my school is the fact that they are allowing students to do college classes online. I think it really helps out the single moms and the students that can't make it out there everyday. I really think my school takes everyone and their situations into consideration.


The diversity because it makes everyone feel welcomed


The campus and the teaching staff. Classes are small enough to where it's personable enough to ask your teacher a question if you have one. They are vey friendly and eager to help you. The campus is quaint and not too big. It has pretty much every facility imaginable on campus.


there is not much that is unique about unlv's campus unless you like architecture. there aren't any super old amazing buildings on campus but there are a ton of buildings that are brand new, like less than five years old and are really beautiful and modern and just awe inspiring. the library is the centerpiece of the whole university and is gorgeous. the gym is huge and just so great looking. the new science and engineering building is really green and fantastic looking. all of these new buildings don't just add to the campus aesthetically but also socially. these new buildings, despite their purposes are for more than what they were built for. they become gather spots for the masses which only spreads their legends.


The best thing about the University of Nevada Las Vegas, is that it does challenge you. It challenges you to balance out the fun with what’s really important. It is in the City, so if you aren’t from Las Vegas, it can be pretty exciting. There’s plenty of career opportunities, and ways to achieve your goals if you let it.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the people and the feeling of security.


All the things you can do in the city.


The library is brand new and has great resources, the student union is also very new and is always up to date with things that students need. I love my academic advisor she is always willing to help me!


I fell my school has great school spirit. We have a lot of alumni support and students enjoy being around other students in and out of the classroom. Campus is always a great and fun place to be, students and faculty are always trying to promote school spirit. It really is a great place to be.


The best thing about UNLV to me is the atmospher. From the first day I started I felt at home, not at all like I was at a completely new school, it makes it much easier to get in to school and really enjoy college.


The best thing about my school I believe is the ethnic diversity and ability to mesh these ethnic groups together as students form bonds based on common interests and even uncommon interests. Sometimes the uncommon are just as interesting, and the wide diversity establishes a rich, friendly environment.


The best thing about my school is the professors. They all are very focused on helping students learn and making sure that the students understand the information. The professors make me want to learn because they are so enthusiastic about the stuff they teach and that is what people need at a university.


University of Nevada Las Vegas has programs that appeal to a variety of students. In any given class, you may have recent high school graduates along with middle-aged students who are changing careers. Amazingly everyone is made to feel welcome and the courses seem to be relevant regardless of your circumstances. I also love the new and improved student union. For those that spend a lot of time on campus, the student union is a great space to relax, grab a bite to eat, and study.


The best thing about my school is the teachers. They make you learn stuff you want to learn and the stuff you don't want to learn. I know I'll be great because the teachers make me who I am.


It is very diverse. Also, it is my belief that at least the teacher i have been assign to this and last semesters were great.


Everyone at UNLV is so nice and willing to make you their new friend! Being new was not hard at all because there are so many clubs to join! Teachers love to help students willing to learn and if you ask questions, they always make you feel like no question is a dumb question. The library is the best! So is the surrounding food in the area!


Being a smaller University in my opinion allows for more one on one time with the professors. This is a great opportunity for the students to really learn what is being taught. It makes for a more personal experience all around. Walking away from each class actually knowing the information make it worth the tuition that is paid.


School Spirit. Gets everyone involved.


What I like about my school is that it isn't to far from my house. Although the traffic causes for an hour trip to and from school, I really like its location. It is right by the Las Vegas Strip and airport.


The diversity on campus is by far the best hing about UNLV. Its a very friendly enviornment with people of so many different races and ethnic backgrounds


The hospitality program because it is number one in the states


I am majoring in Hotel Management/Event Planning and UNLV is located in the best city for that major. Many of the professors work in the industry so the learning experience is practical, not theoretical.


The best thing about the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is the organizations. Since UNLV has such a diverse campus, there are many multicultural organizations than any student can join to either learn about other cultures or learn some new information about their own culture. UNLV also has great classes in the recreation center for members and students of all kinds. Polynesian dancing happens to be one of my favorite classes. I love learning a different culture?s dance while burning fat!






The campus and the aviability of the teachers. The campus and its surroundings are a great place for a college student to experience life.


The best thing about UNLV is the fact that there is always a place to sit down and study.


I think the best thing would be being surrounded by a lot of positive encouragement to do well. My professors teach affectively and I can tell that they want their students to learn the material and to be interested by the material. Also, the academic resources (computer labs, newspaper subs) are amazing. I feel like I'm being inspired to really take what I can out of this university experience. As a transfer student from the University of Arizona, I'd say that UNLV is a better fit due to all of this.


I don't think there is one best thing about this school. The school as a whole is great because there is no competition among students. Academics are emphasized, but relaxed enough for social enjoyment.


I like the class sizes best. I grew up in a small town, and so am used to small class sizes. I like it that there are no more than 40 in a class, when most colleges have 200 or more.


The school is a great size. You can get anywhere by walking, but it's big enough that you'll meet lots of different kinds of people.


its price


UNLV has one of the best film departments which is my major, with a Law minor.


The amount of variety of majors and minors and the quality of those courses of studies.


The best thing about this school is the city that it's in.


The best thing about UNLV is the library. It has many resources and there are always people willing to help you. If you forget your lap top you can borrow one from the library. There are quiet places to study and you can get your school work done on time.


Our film department is very good. You we have a lot of veteran Professors who have worked in the industry and have even made feature films and Tv shows that have aired . The equipment is also very good as they provide you with everything that you need to write , shoot and edit your own short films.


The campus is always growing. There's always something happening and there's lots of different things to get invloved in. Students can pretty much shape their college experience.


The availability of the teachers. They are more than willing to take the time to give extra readings, share opinions and spend more time explain material so I understand it, not just be able to reiterate what was said in class.


There is nothing extraordinary about my school. In order to create a meaningful experience, one would have to create it themselves. The amount of knowledge needed to pass a class is hardly enough for career placement. The only thing good that this school offers are resources. If one can utilize the resources effectively, your experience here will be fulfilling.


That there are so many different courses to take that still involve your major. This school really gives you a chance to broaden your horizons and branch out but still be within the boundaries of your major. I have really learned a lot since I started at UNLV.


it's fun but still very eduation oriented.