University of Nevada-Reno Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Frustration may come from less reliable internet connection at times, having to make appointments on advising (if you don't they freeze your accounts until you do get advising), classes filling up extremely fast, and mostly the fact that there are people and places to help you but most people don't know about them.


For me the most frustrating thing about my school is the expenses as I come from a poor family who is unwilling to help me pay for college. However, it has been a pleasure working with the counselors and financial advisors on my options.


The buses do not go to the most efficient parts of campus. They are reliable, but a bike was very useful.


The most frustrating part about my University is the size of the campus. The campus is designed to have most classes close together, however it can be difficult to remember all the different locations. The worst part pof this is if there are many classes close together within a schedule. Yet it works out. This campus keeps you on your feet, keeping you aware of how life keepings moving. UNR will keep all its students on their feet, moving forward to their biggest dreams.


The inability to get into classes when needed and lack of faculty. Only one horribly rated professor offered for one course at one time on one day. Social life largely for those who greek life and partiers. Not my cup of tea.


UNR is an excellent school to attend, especially if you are a Nevada native. There are few, if at all any, factors that may discourage a student from attending UNR for their baccalaureate degree. One factor is the lack of knowledge that the academic advisors have. I have heard many times that they recommended unnecessary classes.


The most frustrating thing for me are essay papers. I am the kind of person who have a hard time writing long essay papers. They take me longer than usual but I end up doing it with a good grade!


Signing up for classes as a freshman is very frusterating because you are the last group to be able to sign up for classes. Being the last group is hard because often a lot of classes you want to take are full because everyone is trying to take them, or they are at very inconvient times.


The most frustrating thing in my opinion is that the parking permits are so exsensive. It costs about $400 a year to park in the good spots, which is kind of outrageous, seeing that you already have to pay so much just to attend the school.


I am beginning the school year in August, so there are probably many frustrating things to come. Yet far, the most frustrating thing about my school are the battles that I have had to fight to get into school and to get financial aid. Therefore, the most frustrating thing is most likely remembering to breath and not give up.


That it was so difficult for me to get all of my transfer things straight.


The most frustrating thing about UNR is that some of the professors are "on loan" from other universities, and they are just awful. They don't really teach the classes and don't engage with the students. This is mostly true in the liberal arts school from what I can tell. Some of these classes are a huge waste of my time and money. UNR has really stopped caring for their liberal arts and agriculture schools in order to focus on STEM research, wich affects our ability to receive quality education.


Trying to find off campus housing that I was comfortable with was probably the most frustrating thing I have found since I started attending UNR.


The most frustrating thing about my school is probably the cost of textbooks, and other "required" wesites and such, and then they are never used.


Career advisement is poor and or lacking.


Driving is difficult during the winter due to the ice.


Our financial aid system is by far the most frustrating thing about our school. Especially because my whole being at this university depends upon my financial aid. It could definitely run smoother by being easier accessible and faster.


There isn't any major frustration that comes to mind concerning my school; however, there are a few small frustrations that I sometimes encounter. The number of female engineers, predominantly chemical engineers like myself, is extremely low. Being one of three girls in most of my classes is often difficult, and there are few faculty members in my department that are female that I could seek guidance from. Parking on campus is also either exceptionally hard to find or exceptionally expensive. This occasionally deters students from staying or lingering on campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that is can be hard to make tutoring appointments for harder classes. For example, last semester it was hard to make tutoring appointments for Chemistry since it was in high demand. However, for easier classes, it was not too difficult to recieve one-on-one help.


The University of Nevada, Reno offers the scenic beauty, water sports, skiing, snowboarding, and hiking offered by the Sierras and Lake Tahoe. However, the nearest city outside of Reno is San Francisco, a three hour drive. While students often take trips to San Francisco, Las Vegas, and even Seattle, it isn't a particularly simple matter.


Currently, the most frustrating part about my school is that my FAFSA hasn't been completely processed yet. I have had to go through the verification process which has prolonged the processing of my FAFSA as a whole. This also means I don't know what scholarships or aid the college will provide me until about a month before school begins.


Having attended UNR for my freshman year in the 2011-2012 school period, I felt that the most frustrating aspect of attending is the cost. My family is relatively well off, but with the ongoing real-estate crisis money that my parents and I have saved has been put into maintaining what we have. The FAFSA does not adequately reflect the hardships I have faced in obtaining funds for tuition.


The most frustrating thing at my school is the fact that we have a lot of classes that requires a good amount of reading. It's frustrating because for people who have more than the minimun four classes, on top of trying to work, and stay sane, it gets hard to balance everything out. Trying to constantly check on grades for each class to make sure your gpa or scholarships are not getting taken away is a struggle. A person just has to have good mangement skills so that he/she can take everything step by step and succeed.


The one thing I found frustrating about this university was the housing program. The dorms are overpriced and very restricting. The meal plan is forced upon incoming freshmen and it is very expensive.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that theres not enough money to make everything like new.


For me the most frustrating thing about my school is coming up with the funds to pay for college. I am a full time student and I work as many hours as I can to help pay for my college education.


It seems I've had bad luck with roommates while living on campus. My first roommate liked to stay awake all night, only falling asleep after the sun began to rise. Natrually, she kept me awake, and I would feel sluggish during my classes. Luckily, I was able to switch rooms and was assigned a new roommate. The new roommate likes to go to sleep early, but she's such a light sleeper, I keep her awake at night with my sleep talking. Now, ironically, she wants to switch rooms with someone who doesn't keep her up.


- The most frustrating thing I found about this school was the distance from my hometown of Las Vegas. My first year of college was very tough in the fact that I was on my own for the first time. There were times I just wanted to go home and never look back but I stuck it out and I am so glad I did because these last 4 years have been some of the best years in my life.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the online programs that allow you to choose your classes and keep up to date with your classes often do not work.


Having too much fun! There is always school activities and outside fun activities here in Reno. Sometimes its hard to keep your priorities straight, but I always manage too. The fun is an obstacle to work around at times when its time to really buckle down and get school done.


That it isnt fully appreciated as it should be by America, and nevada citizens. I wish it would actually be reconized for being one of the top schools in the United States; and also that most Northern Nevada highschool students dont want to attend because of that repuation. It is truly frustrating.


Some of the requirements for graduation don't seem very relevant to anything, mainly the diversity course. Also, financial aid seems to be drying up while the tuition rises.


My Math Lab and MyNevada. These two programs are crucial to our academic success and yet they are the most frustrating things that we have to deal with. They are not user friendly and end up many times negatively affecting our grades due to their inadequacies.


Entering college I was expecting a serious learning environment with attentive students and teachers. Instead, i've come to realize that my school is a party school and it was completely different environment than I wanted in a school.


Me. I want to complete my degree and move on to graduate school and start my own business. I can't do that until I am done. I am trying to succees academically and as a individual with personal goals, they seem to be two competing goals, but each necessary for my own personal growth. School is limiting in the amout of time it requires, yet is empowering because it allows you to think, grow and be challenged.


Sometimes, the class times and choice. If a student is reccommended to take a science and math class the two classes are at complete opposite times. For example, the science class would be 8-915 am, and the science would be 8-915 pm. This makes it difficult to accomodate a comfortable schedule.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the weather. It gets very cold somtimes and that will be a problem when I have to walk to all my classes across the campus.


The most frustrating thing is its location. Reno is not the best place to be but the school is still very nice.


Not knowing if I will have enough money to complete my Masters Degree since I am not considered a resident making my tuition costs outragious.


The distribution of Financial Aid is the most frustrating thing about my school. It is done far too close to the start of classes and does not give students enough time to properly purchase books or materials for classes without being in the middle of a big rush of the students of a 16,000+ student campus.


How far I am away from my family.


Nobody from my school came here and a lot of people from Reno come here so they all have their set group of friends. Since everyone has thier set group of friends already it is kinda hard to meet people unless you are very out-going.


Waiting to register for classes. They have it set so your last name determines when you can register. It is very frustrating to have to wait and watch all the classes you need for your degree fill up fast.


the recent budget cuts (Cuts that affected staff, programs, and resources for students )


The most frustrating thing about the University of Nevada, Reno is that there is not much to do around it.


I must admit, beyond not being able to afford some things, there really is not a lot that I find frustrating about my university. Some of the professors tend to assign things from the textbooks very early on, and sometimes I haven't been able to acquire my books right away. Usually they are pretty lenient, however, which makes for a great reprieve early on in the semester.


The most frustrating thing is probably a few glitches in the courses, some courses fill up fast or there aren't enough different course times to make the schedule you may want it to be (mostly due to lack of funding).


For me it is the fact that it doesn't offer the major that I want to be in. I had to settle for something different because I couldn't afford to go anywhere else.


Well since today everything is based off computers and online, it's hard for me to make the transition. Although I'm young and have been on computers most of my life, it's creates a lot of independent studying for students and students really have to pay close attention to succeed. Also I'm a person that likes to speak directly to someone, not ask questions through email. So that has definitely been a struggle for me and definitely frustrating.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they are very particular with parking. The school is constantly giving tickets to their students for parking and the parking at the school is costly.