University of New England Top Questions

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the open and modern campus provides convience. it is a medium size enrollment which makes the experience more personal.


The activities offered by the schools throughout the week really build the community. Everyone gets really close and they don't end up feeling awkward doing things with each other, like awkward dancing and making weird noises. I like how everyone gets along and it doesn't hurt that its a small school so you see the same people time and again.


University of New England takes a personal interest in all of their students. Teachers, faculty and staff all take the time to get to know you personally. Everyone is on a first name basis with each other.


My school is unique compared to other because it is geared toward just medical professions. The students who attend the University of New England are from different ethnic groups, races etc. There is a diverse population there.


Something that is unique about UNE compared to other schools that I was accepted to is the size. I applied to schools like the University of New Hampshire and the University of Vermont. Both of these schools are great schools, but they were just too big for me. Also, UNE has an amazing physical therapy program, which is what I want to go to graduate school for. This school also has a high pass rate for boards.This is one of the best schools in New England with an excellent reputation with future employers.


They are very academic focused and it that rewards its students down the road after they have graduated.


Our school doesn't have a lot of campuses and the teachers care about the students and grow with you and want you to succeed. There aren't too many people who are on the campus so it gives you a sense of community and closeness to your peers.


Its a small campus and the student to teacher ratio is perfect. Plenty of one on one time. Small classes


The small scale. Though UNE is mostly a Science school, specifically biological sciences, the Liberal Arts program is really good about keeping their students happy. Advisors are pretty good and the faculty are really interested in finding out what the students want to see.


community college


Are school is a small tight knit school. I felt like i was welcomed with open arms when i visited it while i was in high school. the college continues to grow as we speak. they have added more buildings and more students the past 2 years. sports are a big part of a school and the sports are getting better and better making the atmosphere at school awesome.