University of New England Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


In my own personal opinion, the worst thing about my school is the amount of tuition. Without financial aid, UNE costs $52,000 a year for a full time resident student. Though I am funded and helped by some financial aid, I am still paying $32,000 a year. I do not understand where they think students are able to get enough money to afford four years of schooling at such a pricey expense. The worst thing about UNE is that it costs too much.




The cost and Fa department. One person in that department knows what she is doing and all the others should go back to school to learn people skills and knowledge about what they are doing.


The food and lack of campus activities.


Sometimes people can be closed minded about money. Some people just assume since you go to that school that you can afford everything and anything your heart desires. But at the same time nobody is perfect and they just haven't experience poverty so you can't really blame them.


The weather can be pretty terrible, but the thing I dislike most is that my school keeps accepting more students each year without proper housing. They are slowing putting up new buildings for classrooms and other academic resources, but about 200 upperclassmen were wait-listed for housing last year because the freshman class was about 200 more than our freshman class and the school has not yet made a new dorm room to accomodate these extra students. If they really want to expand, then they need to be prepared, which they obviously were not!


The cafeteria food is terrible. The on-campus housing is rediculously expensive.