University of New England Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The person who should attend this school is someone who is not afraid of hard work. All the programs require students to give their all and to never give up. this school is not cheap, when someone wants to attend this school you need to do the work so the money is worth it in the end.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who loves to be near the ocean, since the campus is located right on the ocean. Also they should want to attend a small school with smaller class sizes. If you are the type of person who likes to live in a busy city in a large school, UNE is not for you. However, if you enjoy knowing your teachers personally and enjoy a small campus, UNE is for you.


Any one who wants to be pre-med, pre-farm, or major in Biology or Marine Biology should definitely include this school in the list of schools they apply to.


Someone who is very active, enjoys the outdoors and exercise. Also someone who enjoys a smaller close community.


Someone who is outgoing, who loves the outdoors and who is willing to work hard should attend the University of New England. UNE offers great science program that provides any student planning to work in the field of medicine the tools he or she needs to continue on to graduate school. Every student attending UNE is, in one way or another, involved with campus activities. On the weekends there are kayaking and hiking trips , as well as, sporting events the majority of the school attends. Campus community is highly promoted at UNE making it easy for anyone to get invloved.


Students who are interested in Marine Biology or Medical Biology. This is a very science orientated school and the services provided for the field are very good. Most of the buildings are dedicated to science. Occupational and Physical therapies are also very big here.


Focused on their major and academics. This school is mostly only good for biology, pre-med and physical and occupational therapy students, sports aren't great here.


This school is very diverse, both in ethnicity and personalities, but I would suggest for all schools, staying within about three hours from home unless you are positive it won't effect you because I have recently seen someone transfer since they couldn't handle the stress of school without their family. This is understandable, but many of the typical majors here are very difficult and you need to be able to deal with a new environment, and most likely harder courses.




Some who has a passion for learning. Though the Professors don't always push me to my utmost academically, they always encourage further learning, as well as offer guidance and resources. The University has good resources and facilities avaliable, so if you have a passion, you can make excellent things happen, but you must want to do it yourself, and not need someone hold your hand, or else you'll coast like everyone else.


The type of person who should attend this type of school is some one who wants a small school where the classes are smaller. They want to recieve more individualized attention. This is not a party school so someone who is more focused on academics and great opportunities for extracurriculars should really consider the University of New England.


I think that school is the perfect fit for just about every type of person. It is possible to find any kind of activity that you might be interested in on this campus. The school is close to the city of Boston for those that like to hang out in the big city and near the mountains for those that like to enjoy the great outdoors. There are equal amounts of place to study and to hang out. I feel that this school has a great balance.


The person to attend this school should really want a small school atmosphere. They have to feel comfortable in a somewhat boring atmosphere. Therefore they should be well equipped with making friends in order to occupy themselves in their free time.