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Describe a typical weekend.

Unfortunately I found myself with a lot of early Friday classes so I didn't go out much on Thursdays. However, most weekends for most students start on Thursdays! Thursday is usually a bar night for of-agers and apartment hang outs for young'ns. Friday tends to be lower key with Saturdays being big party nights. However, on Fridays people will huge groups of their friends to go out to The Asia (an Asian place just outside of campus with karaoke and huge scorpion bowls) for a crazy, fun, and eventful night. In the warmer weather, students will be at the beach during the day or shopping in Portsmouth. Rarely any work gets done until Sunday. Sports teams and fraternities/sororities will have cocktails each semester, and there are always events held at the heart of campus, the MUB (Memorial Union Building), if you don't want to drink. Sometimes students will venture out to the Dover or Portsmouth bars for a change of scenery from Durham. If it is snowing students will grab whatever they can find to use as a sled around campus on its hills, or jump in someones car / the bus and take the short trip to Wagon Hill (you have to visit this at least once before you graduate).

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