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What's the Greek scene like?

I never thought in a million years I would be joining a sorority, no way! I had no idea what it entailed at all. I would strongly convince everyone to at least go through "Rush," the recruitment process and see what it is like. Joining a sorority seriously made my time at UNH as amazing as it was. I met so many different people from different organizations, sports teams, community service events, and built great contacts I could rely on post-grad. I met my best friends in my sorority and even in other sororities different than mine own. However, I still remained the best of friends with my original crew that didn't want to go the sorority route. It only made my time better, nothing changed for the worse, and if you are afraid of hazing, trust me that is just in the movies. The new member process, "pledging," was one of the best times throughout my four years, SO much fun! There are some great fraternities on campus as well, and many of them will throw frat parties (however, sorority houses are dry and do not allow alcohol on the property, which is great because we live like queens!).

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While I'm not personally involved in Greek life, several of my classmates are. The people involved in Greek life are very tight-knit within their respective sororities and fraternities. Many of the houses throw parties during the weekends, some are open parties and some are invite only.

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