University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is pretty cool, the one thing that I would advise is to stay focused all four years of college! The problem is that freshman get caught up in the dorm life and that they are away from home. So they get crazy as well as think that they can manage both partying and school. Though, you think you can, it is super difficult! Most freshman drop out of college because of bad grades! Don't waste your money and your time, it is not worth it! You are better than that! -Fellow Student


Incredibly diverse welcoming community of students that both live on and around campus with plenty of sports events and group organizations to make for an active social life.


UNM is a home away from home with countless arms to welcome you in and remind you that school isn't so bad with the right people there by your side.


The University of New Mexico offers many interesting and diverse options.


UNM is an oasis of greenery, thriving with intellect and busseling with bright, young adults.


My university is a very focused and drilling school, but it is a great school to prepare you for the careers you choose to go after.


The old kingdom of Mayan civilization. The way the school is designed, I feel like I am walking in the ruins of Mexican/South American civilization. There is so much cement here you will never get dirty. There are lots of skaters and the weather is always sunny. This university focuses on medical, law, Spanish cultures, and engineering. The professors are enthusiastic and love to help students during their office hours. They have a wonderful service here for students that struggle academically called CAPS.


The University of NEw MExico is a State UNiversity that could be described with one word : diverse. Different ethnic groups and nationalities meet in this school but especially live together and get together without a single discrimination or prejeduce. It is a school with rich programs, amazing professors and a campus rich of activities to do in order to make the college experience amazing.


UNM is diverse, friendly and seems to be committed to helping students in as many ways as they can to be successful.


The University of New Mexico is an amazing school located in Albuquerque, NM. It has a great learning enviroment and the people are very friendly and welcoming. The instuctors are very helpful and knowlegeable.


A great education in a very culturally diverse atmosphere.

Jaime Miguel

The University of New Mexico is a warm, open community that defies its past reputation as a commuter school. UNM combines top notch research facilities, elite athletics, and a large international student presence with a healthy appreciation for the local heritage, which is visible in every inch of the adobe campus.


My school is a place to futher my education, where it is fun, diverse, and you get to meet new people everyday.


UNM is the best college in New Mexico, and I am happy with my choice to attend here.


An affordable and socially acceptable research institute.


The University of New Mexico is a fantastic place to receive an education which will prepare you for the real world and whatever career dreams you choose to pursue.


My school is a sun-warmed mélange of artists, scientists-in-training, doctors who one day may handle my children as they come into the world, scholars walking with barefoot activists, everyone lit by streams of light breaking through the lush trees, providing welcome shade from the 360-days-a-year sunlight as we share classrooms with some of the best young minds in the southwest.


Overall, I do not like the University of New Mexico due to the faculty's lack of advisement and care for the students.


UNM has a lot of big buildings and is a fairly big campus. There is a lot of art such abstract sculptures. There is a duck pond that has a small waterfall and many students wait between classes here watching the ducks and turtles. The campus is fairly clean but graffiti does happen quite a bit.


UNM is a median size campus with adobe styled building. There are a lot of trees and color flowers during the spring and fall.


An aspiring university, academic but not quite to the highest level, and very New Mexican.


My school is somewhere where you meet a lot of people from a bunch of different places and also where your professor are always curious about what you think.


UNM is a university that caters itself to the culturally diverse nature of Albuquerque.


UNM offers many courses that prepare students for future work in their field.


UNM is a very spirited place and students/staff/faculty/alumni take pride in being a Lobo and everyone here is respectful of other peoples goals and their focus in life.


It is exactly as my teachers in High School said it would be, meaning that it is huge and overwhelming; the new lifestyle is extremely difficult to adapt to especially when I'm not living at home any longer and have to suddenly become an adult; besides the part time job I'm working, I also have to worry about bills, food, replacing broken things in my apartment, let alone the homework and classes, but its exciting and a very fresh new feel in my seemingly boring life as a High School student.


My school is considered outgoing, high spirited, and very interested in the education of its students attending the university.


The University of New Mexico is a state-run university that operates out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and features a prominent nursing and doctor program.


My school is a relaxiing campus full of charasmatic individuals who are for the most part very goal oriented.


My school is the kind of school that you enjoy being at and that you want to go back to.


My school is very diverse and is a beautiful campus that gives all New Mexicans an opertunity to be able to attend collage.


My school is very diverse- there's all kind of people or all races, ages, and sexual orientation, and it's a great place to learn about people who are different than yourself.


My school is an all round school for all ages to attend.


UNM is a diverse school, both culturally and economically, affording students an oppurtunity to learn not only from excellent instructors, but also from their classmates own experiences.


The University of New Mexico is a seemingly unorganized institution that is not student centered.


Very Productive, semi organized , student that attend are looking toward success. Has a nice overview of the Sandia Mountains . Hardworking to keep the college up to date. Is convenient to those who live on campus. you could wake up late and stilll make it to class. There is also a lot of new mexican culture that contributes to the college. Which is a big plus.


my school is very diverse and interesting.


It is a beautiful, open, and caring community.


UNM was affordable and provided a good education overall, but it's always important to remember that you get out of education what you put into it.


my school is research based, diverse, vibrant and a learning community.


The University of New Mexico is a diverse school and the community with which it revolves around is mainly the hispanic community.


The University of New Mexico is somewhat liberal, but somewhat friendly as well; and UNM is active, individualistic, musical, artistic, architectually diverse, confusing and unorganized at times.


This schools advisment is typically less than helpful


involving, yet individuality is embraced.