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Compared to other schools, what drew me to UNM was the fact that I had the opportunity to be myself. There were so many unique people that I didn't feel out of place whatsoever. Wether it be playing sports, studying for the next chemistry test, or simply catching lunch with some friends, there were new faces daily that welcomed me in and made me feel at home.


UNM has a mid-size campus with a reasonable pricetag. The degree choices are diverse; there is something for almost everyone here.


What is unique about my school is the amount of school spirit there is on campus.


UNM is in beautiful and enchanting New Mexico!


Probably, the cost of tuition is relative cheap compared to our neighboring states.


My school is unique compared to other schools I've considered because of the convience it has to offer its students. On campus, UNM has a building on campus called "Student Health and Services" (SHAC). "SHAC" is for counseling students on different topics and they hold workshops that really help students deal with different struggles that college gives. They also offer their health services to students that are injured or become sick. My school is unique because they show that they care about each student and each student's well being.


The theatre program at this school is the best in the state. It is extremely well rounded. Even if a student comes to be an actor, the student is required to take classes in all other aspects of the theatre world. If the theatre program is run this way, I expect other departments to have the same approach to their subject.


Right by the mountians and downtown, strong school spirit, very ethnically diverse.


Overall I like UNM, it's a good school that lets people be themselves. It can be expensive to get books and parking but my advise is to rent school books from amazon or some other place that is cheaper. UNM is even offering book rentals now that are pretty cheap.


My school is unique because we are very diverse and very accepting of everyone attending the university. Also, the people that attend this school are very artistic and their is no pressure to conform. A social life does not depend on money, Greek life, etc, it is very equal.


My school prepares students great academic and clinical based education to be a competent professional.


There is a lot of cultural influence at the university from the surrounding cultures such as the hispanic and native american cultures. Makes it hard to get scholarships if you are not part of these cultures.


The architecture of UNM is very different than any other university, all the buildings are in a pubelo style with modern adobe construction. The style is called Pueblo Revival, which first started at the University of New Mexico in 1908. The Pueblo Revival style gives the University a very unique regional identity. Students who are attending UNM from out of state are always amazed at how unique the style is and how it shapes the New Mexican culture at the University.


I'd have to say that it is the openess of the campus and its diversity.


UNM has always played a large role in Albuquerque?s social, educational, and artistic life. It is because of this that I was familiar with UNM at a younger age and thus enrolling in this campus felt comfortable; there was no stress in enrolling quite literally. Plus UNM has many programs and research opportunities due to its close relationship to the city that are too good to pass up. I feel another deciding factor is the location, to gain the level of education here on UNM at any other university would have required me to move.


The University of New Mexico has one of the lowest tuition per credit hour Universities, campared to some other Major Universities out there. I can attend college for a fraction of the price then it would cost me to attend a college else where.


One aspect of my school that is very unique, at least in my department, is every professor offers undergraduate research. I really enjoy and appreciate the opportunities of research that are presented at my school.


What's unique about my school in comparison to other schools I considered is that it's an arborarium. I grew up on the East Coast in the middle of woods and somewhat recently moved to New Mexico, the desert. Being on campus makes me feel at home, and it just makes going to class all the more rewarding.


Not many other schools had as much diversity as I have seen at the University of New Mexico.


UNM is diverse in culture and academics.


I really enjoy the University Honors College. The classes are no bigger than sixteen people and the professors that teach in it volunteer their time and intellect to teach students more about a particular subject. All of the staff involved in UHC take a personal interest into the students and strive to broaden the base of every student that walks through the doors.


The culture


The contact and vitality of professors if very rare in many universities. I see and interact with my professors one on one on a daily basis. The faculty make this school a gem. They are never too busy for their students and want to see their students succeed.


My school is very diverse. There are so many unique people that love to share with you and get along. most people become friends here and are extremely nice to each other.


I wouldn't say anything is particularly unique about my school other than I recieve in state tuition, so financially it was the best choice for me.


My parents allowed me two choices for school, UNM and NMSU. UNM is closer to where they live, so thats why I choose it.


There is so much diversity and richness in culture... the people here are so friendly, accepting, and willing to try new things. They love the way New Mexico is different. The university offers great financial aid based both on necessity and merit and there is no lack of opportunities for a student. Dreams are within easy reach. The professors care about you and about their realm of expertise, and are all eager to share their own experiences and make goals a reality for their students. The campus is beautiful, close to breathtaking mountains and a wealth of outdoor activities.


UNM is a great school for the low cost. If you are interested in obtaining a higher degree, consider saving your money at UNM. The science programs, especially health sciences, are phenominal!


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