University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


UNM is a really great school for those strugglings to make ends meet financially because it offers the Lottery Scholarship among other scholarships for those who can keep their GPA above a certain number. It has outstanding research programs and a high-achieving medical and law school. If students take advantage of the resources at this school, the quality of the education they could receive is great compared to the cost.


The University of New Mexico is perfect for a person who loves cultural diversity. A UNM one can find people from all over the world with different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. If you love learning from others and are interested in a diverse environment full of knowledge and constant new ideologies, then UNM is the perfect place for you. At UNM not only will you find people of all backgrounds, but you will also find a community within its alumni. A person who loves to interact and socialize is the perfect for a university like the University of New Mexico.


Anyone who is dedicated to learning what they need to know for their chosen career will do well at UNM. People who are in it for the parties probably won't last.


Someone who doesn't mind crowds. Campus becomes very busy in the middle of the day but the campus is also big enough that it doesn't seem to be an issue until your inside certain buildings. Also someone who has a good idea what field of study they want to be in.


The student body is very diverse and tolerant. Students need to know how to ask for help and advocate for their needs. The campus is rather large, and it's easy to get lost. Learning how to navigate the campus and its resources is imperative. Safety can be an issue at times, so students need to be vigilant and aware of security resources.


Someone looking for a quality reasonably priced education.

Itzy Erin

Any body who highly values education and not just a reknown university name. A person who is open minded, progressive and respectful. A person with an honest desire for a quality of education.


People who are laid back and don't mind a quirky professor here and there.


A student who is a fast learner and knows how to pass a class. If you do not have to put in extra effort to learn material you will be able to keep up with the course load you may sign yourself up for.


This is one of the most diverse college campuses I have ever been a part of. This school is extremely accomodating to individuals of any background. Any person interested in attending college and obtaining an education should attend school at UNM. This school is very hepful for those who feel they may fail at a traditional college. I would highly recommend this school to anyone and everyone. I am proud to be a graduate from UNM.


UNM is a good school for people who want any undergraduate degree at a good price. People who are relaxed and culturally diverse will fit right it.


A student who loves a big campus in a somewhat small town would love to attend college at UNM. UNM has much to offer from diversity, social events, and sports events. I love having my independence and own space, but I am also a part of a sorority where I can get the feeling of family and closeness.


I think you should attend this school if you do not mind not being right in the middle of a bustling metropolis. Albuquerque certainly does not lack its fair share of the more urban city staples like its busy downtown area. However, I think a student of this school would probably be happier if they know how to enjoy the majority of their free time with good friends rather than completely relying on the constant activity of a large city to keep you entertained.


Someone who is open to diversity and wants an education, but also wants to have fun. It's definitely not Ivy League, and that's why I chose it. I'm a firm believer that education is what you make of it, no matter where you are. So while UNM certainly isn't Harvard, you'll still get a good education if you push yourself. There are some good teachers and some bad teachers, but if you're willing to work, then you'll get a lot out of it.


The type of person that sould attend the University of New Mexico is anyone who has motivation and a desire to achieve their goals. UNM is has great diversity among their students and most of them are very friendly. There is a lot of different kinds of people at UNM and i think anyone can fit in here.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone that enjoys going to school with a large variety of people and belonging in a learning environment with sometimed more then twenty people.


People who enjoy extensive personal contact with people, do not mind inpersonal experience with teachers, and enjoy the city should attend UNM.


Anyone willing to further their knowledge should go to UNM. Their nursing program is outstanding, as is the Biology department.


The kind of person that should attend UNM is someone who really can appreciate the kind staff, great grounds, fantastic benefits, good food, and most of all a good education.


The person who should attend this school is someone who has a social life outside of school and doesn't mind most classes being large a and somewhat impersonal. This is a great school for someone who has a lot of school spirit and/or wants to play college sports.


A person who enjoys social or medical sciences


Someone who enjoys the city as well as being able to focus on their studies.


Students should be hard-working and dedicated if they want to succeed at the University of New Mexico. It is a wonderful place to learn if the student is willing to learn.


A person who doesnt mind the city, traffic, and big classes should consider attending the University of New Mexico.


In my opinion a driven person should attend this school. In order to succeed you need to have the want to go to class as well as having the want to enjoy the class. I feel that school and play should be hand in hand when it comes to college. I also think that although this is true, the most important is the schooling. Someone who is organized and fun, and wants to be involved in alot should attend this school and make the most out of their college years.


Any type of person should attend UNM because of the wide variety of courses that are available. A great plus with this University is that they offer a great medical program.


Due to the racial diversity of the University of New Mexico, someone interested in meeting many different kinds of people and learning about many different cultures should attend UNM. My outgoing personaillity fits right in at the college and since I am a local New Mexico hispanic, people love to ask me about my culture and New Mexico itself. Anyone who is outgoing, or anyone who is shy and looking to break out of their shell should definitly consider attending UNM. Not only will it mold well rounded people but they will also receive a hard earnd education as well.


I feel that the kind of person who should attend this school would have to be academically focused and serious about learning. The type of person that would fit best at this school should be self-motivated and a people person as well. This school has a strond spirited community therefore a firendly, outgoing, energetic person whould make a great match with this University.


The University of New Mexico is a school for anybody seeking out a good education. The kind of person that should attend this school is somebody who is focused, hard working, and very enthusiastic about learning. The material gets more challenging with each year, so time management and a good work ethic are two very important qualities to have. It is very easy to get behind in some classes due to procrastination and a lack of motivation, but if a person has the drive to do well, he or she will be successful at the Universtiy of New Mexico.


A person who wants to learn and is not concerned with the social situation as much as thier own acedemia.


If you are looking for a school that is ethnically, socially and culturally diverse, UNM is an incredible place to be. It is a large school, but it is easy to find small classes that are not overwelming. If you are looking for a school that has a lot of campus and community involvement opportunities, UNM offers more than 400 student organizations, and if you can't find the one you are interested in joining, you can start it!


Students choosing to become a physcian should choose University of New Mexico. The students would learn greatly by coming here for medical purposes as well as nursing and wide range of jobs in the medical field.


A motivated person who plans on doing something great with their life should attend my school.


A person who likes to meet new people and be able to keep up with their studies. A person who likes dry weather and loves to see a mountain. A person who is interested in historical buildings. A person who likes to be involved with campus events and organizations


Someone who is laid back and relaxed. Someone who enjoys the sun and likes going outside. Also someone who is open to other cultures and their customs and food. It's pretty diverse here, so being open to different types of people, along with their culture is important. Being friendly to others and being able to have conversations that express who you are and the views you have.


It is my belief that there is no specific type of person who should attend any school. All schools celebrate diversity and appreciate all types of students. For anyone who calls New Mexico home, UNM is a good choice if you want to be close to home. For anyone not from New Mexico, UNM is a good choice for people who would prefer a large university and a wide vaariety of educational programs and student groups.


I think this University is good for an assortment of different people, there are several group activities that are available for sports, ethnic learning and religious exploration.


New Mexico is one of the most diverse places I have ever been in my life, and I think UNM reflects that diversity more than satisfactorily. Any person would be very happy at this university because we have every race, gender, sexual orientation, religious and political belief that one may be able to think about. UNM is a welcoming and comfortable place for all types of people, and I personally can say that I have had the pleasure of getting to know many different, very interesting people while being on campus.


I think this is an ideal school for anyone who likes smaller universities. UNM is a great school I just wish it had been financially possible to attend a school out of state to get different exposure rather than remaining in New Mexico


Any kind of person, but one that doesn't mind the occational large classroom.


Someone who is very independent, motivated to learn, and has an open mind.


Some one that willing to make the effort.


Someone who is friendly and wants to learn. It is a laid back campus, so you should be laid back but be willing to do the work.