University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is affordable.

Itzy Erin

I have not experienced discrimination for my ethnicity, age or for being non-religious. I have experienced people trying to help me to be succesful. People may not be super social, but if you talk to them, they are very friendly. Also, there are so many different way to get help.


The best thing about the University of New Mexico Architecture school was the facility. Designed by a famaous architect Antoine Predock, it's conceptual background stemmed from creating a socially engaging studio space for architecture student to communicate new ideas. Beside the studios, the computer lab and fabrications lab are filled with some of the most advanced technological equipment in the country, which is rare for such an unkown architecture program in the United States.


The low tuition rates for in state students coupled with the New Mexico Bridge to Success and New Mexico Lottery Scholarships.


The best thing about my school is the diverity and its students and staff. Every day there is some one new to meet. it is fun going to class knowing that you can conect with the students and the staff. Coming to the University of New Mexico had been my number one prefrance. I love being a LOBO.


Being a first time student to the University of New Mexico, I have found that it is extrememly easy to get involved and to meet people here. There are so many different wonderful organizations that push you to consider them, and why shouldn't you? Involvement is important in discovering yourself, in meeting others, and in making a difference. I love that there are so many different choices and opportunities here, and that everyone is so welcoming.


The University of New Mexico is a very diverse campus, most likely the most diverse four year degree granting college in the state of New Mexico. So far I have had the chance to explore many of the awesome and challenging classes here at UNM such as, Western Religions, Art History, and Folk and Fairy Tales.


The scholarship opportunities. UNM has been instrumental in allowing me to afford a higher education.


The best thing about the University of New Mexico is the availability of the professors. There is a constant outreach to students to become involved in extra-curricular activities that will expand their college experience and better prepare them for their future life endeavors. The encouragement for students to engage in opportunities such as on-campus activities, a major cancer hospital, and on-going research is irreplaceable and is valued long after graduation day.


I think we get a very personal experience at UNM. The people are generally nice and the teachers for the most part care about what they're teaching. It's a really nice campus and it's environmentally friendly.


One thing I like about UNM campus is that the environment is taken into great consideration. There are recycle bins at almost every corner and the campus is smoke free. They even have transportation called the veggie bus that runs off vegetable oil.


What makes UNM unique is its’ ability to integrate the state’s traditions and architecture into the college. The buildings are adobe style which is something you don’t see in other parts of the country. The type of architecture really is true to the south-west which is good considering that it is the university of the state and should try and express the essence of New Mexico. In addition, the state has a deep traditions dating back to the college’s foundation in 1889. Traditions at UNM include Hanging of the Greens and Burning of the Aggie. Hanging of the Greens is when different organization light luminarias all over the university. Burning of the Aggie is when Lobo Spirit builds a large Aggie to burn before our rival game.


UNM's strongest academic programs include Business, Pre-Med, Medicine, Pre-Law, and Law. I believe that these are the strongest attributes of UNM because not only are these programs highly accredited and carefully planned, but they also help you to understand culture and teach you skills that are essential to these fields. The professors also will take the time to help you understand the material and try to encourge the students to deepen their understand of topics.


I love how close my college is to my home. It is about four hours away. I love the teaching styles and I love the way the classrooms are set up. Ifeel like I am always learning something.


There are many opportunities to receive help or assisstance with you academics, such as free tutoring, lots of help sessions, and good networking. This makes it possible to pass your classes and graduate.


I consider the selection of classes and majors offered at the University of the New Mexico one of the best aspects at this school. With this wide variety of classes offered, a person can really find something they love and conitnue their education with that passionate subject. Choosing a major is hard when you are an incoming freshman, so there are ways to experiment with different types of classes to find out what it is that person wants to study and do for the rest of his or her life.


I would have to consider the best thing at my school is the many faculty and staff that are willing to help you with any questions or problems you have. Being an incoming freshman in college I don't know much about how college works but there is offices, websites, one-on-one, etc... to actually help you with whatever you need. Also they provide programs for just about eveyrthing a college student deals with in the real world.


The best thing about the school that I am attending is the overall environment. It is laid back but yet professional and makes you want to be there. It is inviting and friendly. It makes you want to go to school.


The best thing about UNM is the fact that you get to meet new people every class. It is a big university but there is still a sense of belonging to something like a department or class or group.


The diversity of people. It gives a view on other cultures on campus. Also the campus landscaping is very nice.


The life on campus. There are a lot of activites that are put on by the Resident Hall Associtation, so there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people. The students are also hard working. Many students will form study groups within their dorms and get together a couple times a week to study.


I love the atmosphere and the teachers I have had have taught me so much. Living on campus, the transition was easy and people were friendly and genuine and I have made so many friends and really become a part of the school.


I think the best thing about the University of New Mexico is the diversity the school embraces from the diverse students to the unique adobe style campus rich with hispanic and native american culture. The campus is full of interesting art work and unique classes that exposes students to culture that they would not normally know about.


Well the fact that they give in coming freshmen the chance to award them the lottery scholarship. Also help work with them to succeed with their choice of major. As well as guide them to get there. One other thing is they look a head toward grad school.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of students and programs available to students. There are many options for degree plans for students to choose from. There are a lot of groups that participate in activities that don't involve school, like the Queer-Straight Alliance. This group gathers students from campus to participate in events. UNM is open to new ideas and encourages student involvement in these outside groups.


I really like the music program, which is what I'm in. They have one of the better curriculums for music around. There are music students that come from other universities that have to catch up to what we are being taught.


At UNM they really encourage you to get involved in university organizations, clubs, or sports. I really think this can make your college experience 10X better!


There is not much accountability for/from students and faculty. The positive aspect of this is that those who should not be in college do not remain and therefore the upper level classes are usually full of students who should be continuing their education. This also allows everyone to decide without guilt how much they want to invest in their classes.


My department. The professors and advisors are freindly, helpful, and understanding. They treat you like a person and not just another student.


UNM's very open to non-traditional and more career-oriented students, which makes it a great choice for students who aren't fresh out of high school. Most students are commuters and thus commuting is not seen as outside the norm, so commuters have adequate opportunities to get involved in social and extracurricular life at UNM.


I particularly enjoyed the programs for freshmen. These programs allowed me to be intimately acquainted with the school and spurred my collegiate success.


The best thing about my school is that it is close to home


close to home


I consider the social life and the quality of the professors the best things about my school. Ever since i've been an this school i've made alot of new friends , got active with school activities and now i am an employee at the school. I like the quality of the professors because they really care about the students learning and want to help them achieve their goals and they are there for the students whenever they need help.


The adivisors for each set of majors because you deal with someone directly with the major you want rather than an adivisor that has to deal with every student and every major.


The ability to contact the teachers quickly when there is a problem or misunderstanding


The people. Everyone is frindly and willing to help eachother mostly.


What I consider to be the best thing about The University of New Mexico is how much I enjoy going to class. It is this single activity that exposes me to everything this campus has to offer. Riding my motorcycle to class I see the city of Albuquerque. Walking to class everyday I see our beautiful campus and all the activities of the day begin to unfold. Info booths in the plaza , and students getting food in the SUB. Best of all once I get to class I get my monies worth when I soak up knowledge from professors.


The freedom of thought and knowledge here. Most professors are very open to artistic expressions and new ways of thinking about things.


UNM dose help students with learing promblems