University of New Mexico-Main Campus Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I chose to go to The University of New Mexico because I have always wanted to be a Lobo! I had always heard good things about it.


I was able to go to school relatively cheap because of the NM lottery scholarship. This school had a very good medical program and was close enough that I could remain living with my parents. My influence of the school wasn't that great, but once I started going there I was happy.


I first attended this school because of convenience, due to where I live, but after attending the Media Arts department especially, I am very happy with my choice of UNM. I've never had a class I didn't like, the work is challenging but not impossible, and the campus is equipped with the tools students need to learn.


I decided to attend the University of New Mexico because it's not as expensive as many other colleges in the region and they offered the major I want (Criminology).


New Mexico is where I'm from and most my family is here so I didn't want to go far. I looked at both the University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University. UNM is located in Albuquerque while NMSU is in Las Cruces, which is further away. I liked everything I had heard about UNM, such as it being a large campus and having a duck pond. Overall, I'm glad I chose this school.


Well, UNM wasn't my top choice for my college. However, the colleges I wanted to go to were beyond my ability to pay. There are is another school in New Mexico called NMSU however; it's very easy to get into that school. You can have low grades and test scores and still get into NMSU. I'm not saying that made it a bad school but I want to go to a college that had at least admission standards. In addition, I picked this school to price since the tuition and my other entire fee are less than half of the colleges I was picking out.