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University of New Mexico-Taos Campus

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What's unique about your campus?

I like the fact that UNM-Taos is widely diversified in subject matter, demographics of age, gender, and national or ethinic background. This way, I don't feel out of place, even though I am a non-standard student. The subjects covered are so varied that many topics are available for study. I prefer, if I stand out, it is because of my education and experience, not because I am unusual in my age, or my gender for a topic that might not ordinarilly have women in it. Instructors seem to be quite knowledgible in their fields and speak fluently.

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UNM-Taos Branch is a great school. It is small and enjoyable school. Because of it's size, better teacher-student relationships are developed. It is a great transitional school for "small town" students to attend before attending a bigger university. I love attending a small university. Not only do i develop great relationships with my teachers but also with my fellow students. Attending UNM-Taos makes it easy to focus on my school work and excel in my academics.

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