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Live lion mascots, mornings when they're out and you can hear them roar just makes the rest of the day feel like it wend by quickly.


The University of North Alabama is a friendly, positive atmoshpere and stufents truly feel welcome when they come to our university. We really express getting involved and finding your niche with the university.


The most unique thing about my school is the natural beauty on campus. The campus is easy to navigate, and is covered in beautiful landscaping and architecture.


The teacher/student relationship is very unique at this school. The teachers will work after hours just to help a student understand something in the class.


The University of North Alabama is a wonderful school. UNA has a beautiful campus with amazing students, teachers, and faculty members. There is a great deal of clubs and organizations to join for those students who want to be involved. UNA has a great athletic program for those students that want to participate in college. UNA has a very involed and welcoming GREEK life with several different sororities and fraternities to choice from! UNA also has very nice on and off campus housing and many places to eat on campus! Roar Lions!


The most unique part of UNA is our mascots. We have real live lions on a beautiful southern campus!


I recently went to a four year university and was not happy. I was not learning anything to help me pursue my educational goals. I researched the University of North Alabama and found out the educational programs they offered. Upon talking to advisors and workers in admissions I realized just how much of an amazing college it is. My dad graduated from here as well so I basically grew up on the campus. I recently got accepeted into the study abroad program. That program was never offered to me before. It is going to be such an amazing experience!


My school is unique in so many ways. We have a lion den with real lions and they bring them to all the sport's event. We have over 200 majors that you will find interesting if not, there is a major call Interdisciplinary Studies which let you take all the classes that you would like to learn about. Also, it is good for transfer students instead of your classes from your previous school becoming electives they will be accepted as credits with this major. Most of your professors dont require textbooks usage, they prefer to lecture classes using knowledge.


One thing that is unique about our school is that we have real live mascotts that stay on campus.


The University of North Alabama is a beautiful campus! It has a down home feeling to it. It close to anything that a Student could need living away from home. All the staff is very helpful. Apartments within walking distance.


I lovee the fact that i can walk to class, and that when i walk through the door my professors know who i am. I came from a small high school and am satisfied that i am still a name instead of just a number. We also have live Lions on our campus in a beautiful habitat right next to the president's house. How many people can say that they have live mascots at their home games, let alone in the heart of their campus?


There are alot of asian students attending the university.


UNA is unique because it provides a location dedicated not only to learning but also to enhancing the lives of the students that attend. Many of the professors are from the surrounding area and are dedicated to their students. The professors strive for their students to be the best that they can be, and the professors will not accept any student being lazy.


I would be lying if I said that the fact that UNA has two live lions on campus did not boost UNA above the others just a bit, but seriously, UNA is a small campus in a small town, the teacher student ratio is not too low so it is easier to build a relationship with your professors, they are always there to help. With a campus of about 7,500 students it is not too overwhelming. Being a musician the Shoals area?s rich music culture is evident in the music department at UNA.


It is a very good school.


My school is very unique beacuse in the first month or so everyone knows each other. Not to mention everyone is easy to get along with and friendly. UNA has alot of school spirit like any other school but UNA to me goes all out. We are a D-2 school so ever sport that we have we cheer each one on the same. We are very supportive of one another and ITS JUST A GREAT SCHOOL to make firends and have study buddies.


It's close to home, which makes it very convenient.


I think the University of North Alabama has a real home town feel to it. The campus is upkept beautifully and gives a real small town feel to it. It's staff has a genuine appreciation for you as a student and the concerns or questions you have. Everyone teacher strives to make sure you comprehend the material and most make themselves accesible to you for further explanation of misunderstood concepts. The University of North Alabama is just enough like high school to make you feel at home but just enough like college to make you feel grown up.


This was the only school I considered.


Very beautiful campus that is very localized inside of a historic community.


The campus is beautiful and you have to walk to all the classes. The classes are small, so there is a better personal learning experience.

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