University of North Alabama Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone could attend this school. There is no specific kind of person who should attend UNA.


The type of person that should attend University of North Alabama is someone that is differnet and unique. Someone who is their own person. Students on the UNA campus is different and special. There is no such thing as a "type" of person. Everyone fits in by being theirselves.


Someone who is motivated and loves to help other should attend this school. They have many community service activites on campus to help and empower people. They also have many academice clubs that will help you get a long way into your career. This college is all about helping. They have all types of tutoring services provided to their students so there is no reason to fail.


A person that loves a perfect town and friendly students to get involved with througout your college life.


Any student looking to advance their education in a caring and loving environment built on academic excellence, tradition, and pride.


The type of person that should come to this school needs to be a hardworker and willing to learn. Also, it would help if they are not afraid to make friends and get involved. There are many activities to get involved in such as intramurals and theatre. However, because of our extensive selection of internet classes, a person who may be socially challenged can still attend this school and receive a high quality of education.


UNA is basically a school for people who want to have a personal and good connection with their professors. They really care and help you a lot.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is not looking for a large campus and is also not looking for a small campus. They should be looking for a very intimate feel for a college.


Anyone who is serious about their future and who is looking for a good education to heip them provide for their family.


If you are a person that wants a really beautiful campus that is not too big and not too small this is for you. This school has small classes so you get extra help from your professors and there are plenty of clubs and extracurriculars on campus to keep you busy. We also have great dorms and a fitness facility so you can stay fit.



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