University of North Alabama Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Get involved your freshman year.


Be sure you have researched the surrounding area and also be a good judge of your budget. Some towns have a higher standard of living than others and it can put more strain on a student from a smaller town.


Travel to any place that sounds interesting and learn about the education programs at schools in that area, traveling and learning around people that are from different backgrounds in life is just as important as memorizing the information mandatory to be useful inside of your occupation.


First of all, no matter which college is chosen, take the first semester to kind of get your feet wet. Don't get too involved right off the bat, because it can get easy to lose focus. Once you get disciplined, and have good time management, then get involved in everything you possibly handle. What you put into college is what you will get out of it. Be social, and go out and have a good time when the chance arises, But remember that college is being payed for from somewhere, so always go to class and do your best in everything and great rewards will come.

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