University of North Carolina at Asheville Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Any person who feels as though employers will love them for having multiple degrees should not attend this school. Experience at the end of the day is more valuable than degrees. College degrees may bump up anyones income, but that depends on the company. Technology is constantly changing. It can be difficult to come get a degree and then be bound to keep up with everything every two years. The technology might not be relevant anymore after four years. Aside from learning, the person must remember they are not in college to remember everything they are taught.


A person who likes being in large crowds and a fast paced environment should not attend UNCA. It's a very laid-back, calm school that's perfectly suited for people of the same nature. Also, UNCA is a liberal arts school. Along with getting your degree in whatever field you choose, there'll be other requirements that you'll have to meet in order to graduate. However, the professors are all very kind and are always available. If you are a nature buff, this is the perfect school for you. It's surrounded by beautiful parks and wildlife.


People who are not open to different forms of learning, who are extremely conservative (politically or religiously), people who value large school qualities, people who enjoy binge drinking or hard drug use.


If a person is looking for a big school with a big party atmosphere, this isn't the school for you. Asheville is a smaller school nut this allows for you to know your professors and other school officials personally. If a person doesn't like the thought of this and just wants to be a number in a huge class then Asheville isn' the school for you.


I do not think that someone who is looking for a big town or a big school should attend this school. The people who attend this school are artistic and are looking for a strong education without the distractions of a big school. Anyone who just wants to blend into his or her classes should not go here because the individuality of all the students in openly expressed.


A very conservative person because they will meet many people who's ideas conflict with thier own


Conservative, someone who wants a large school