University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?




The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is not an institution for those who do not like big schools. In general classes, such as General Psychology, there may be more than 400 students in a class. The university is also not a place for students who do not like to walk. Although the bus system is reliable and incredibly helpful, there are some days a student may be running late and walking is the best option. For an average freshman, it will take them 15 minutes to walk from their dorm to the Pit.


Unfocused indidividuals and those who do not do well with working alone should not attend UNC-CH. It is easy to get lost in the crowd and it can be a bit overwhelming.


Someone who is not willing to stand up for themselves. Someone easily discouraged.


Someone who is very conservative or closed minded. UNC-Chapel Hill is a very diverse school, despite being considered a predominately white university. Also someone who isn't up for challenges and expects to "skate" through school. Classes aren't easy and your professors expect nothing but the best from you.


Someone who is interested in a smaller school or someone who wants a school in a certain location. It is about 3 hours from mountains and beaches but not too close. It is also not a large city nor an incredibly small town.


If you hate diversity, you might want to steer clear of Carolina. There are so many different kinds of people here. Everywhere you turn, you can hear a group of students speaking in a foreign language and everywhere you look, you will see someone you've never seen before. It is very interesting, but it might be overwhelming for some.


Someone who is not open to new ideas, spending time with people different from themselves, and trying new things.


If you are a very closed minded person, you will probably not get along with many of the students. Also, if you prefer all classes to be small, including popular ones like biology and psychology, then I would suggest going elsewhere to get more individual attention. You have to be motivated to succeed at Chapel Hill, so if you can not handle the workload, you should probably go elsewhere as well.


Honestly, such a huge variety of people attend UNC that there is not a specific "type" of person that should not attend. The community is vast and involved. People tend to be friendly and open-minded here, so every "stereotype" is accepted. People here are dedicated and motivated, but also have an incredible sense of having fun, so a person who is not willing to work would not fair well here, but a person who is all work and no play would not fair well here either.


That is a hard question to answer. UNC is very diverse and if there's anything that someone is interested in, they are bound to find it at UNC or can can start a new organization for that interest very easily. UNC has very high academic expectations, so a person who cannot stay motivated or does not care about their academic success should not attend UNC.


An individual that has difficulty balancing their personal life with a heavy workload will have difficulty with the challenges at UNC-Chapel Hill. There are many ways to get involved at UNC- Chapel Hill but it is up to the individual to make the first step. Therefore a shy person may have trouble making friends. Engineering majors are going to find their programs at North Carolina State University. Otherwise UNC-Chapel Hill has everything to offer. It will be up to the individual to make the most of what it offers.


At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, excellence is expected. One should not attend this school if they prefer to take short-cuts, such as skipping class and getting notes from friends or cheating and partaking in other actions that are against the honor code. One should also not attend this school if they do not take their education seriously. This does not mean that those attending know their exact goals for the future, but we do, however, know that we want to succeed and are quite confident that we will do so.


Any person who does not have a desire to learn should not attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC is a school to develop students as both strong members of society through volunteering and leadership opportunities as well as academics. If a rising high school students does not have a desire to push him or herself towards greater knowledge and new intellectual experiences, then he or she should not attend the University of North Carolina.


A person who tends to feel lost in big crowds should avoid this school. There are so many students and you have to be able to socialize even when you are 1 of 28,000.


Anyone who is not desiring to meet extremely intelligent people and that does not have a passion for sports. This school is fit for everyone overall however and is a school that anyone would fall in love with.


If you do not want to be around a lot of people and of different races, this school is not for you. Someone who does not like a busy city and community should not attend this school. Events happen almost everyday and all throughout the day. If it is not a game happening , it could be a play at the Dramatic Arts Center.


If you are looking for a small college with a more personal experience. Here you are often a number and many times your professors have no idea who you are.


Someone who enjoys spending time alone.


People who don't do well at bigger schools or people who aren't open-minded


anyone can attend UNC. it is very liberal and open to many unique individuals whether you be defined by gender, race, sexuality, etc. it welcomes all. individuals should come to unc with open-minds and willing to accept other's unique differences. as long as people continue to act as themselves and allow others surronding them to see their true colors then it will allow for those around them to learn more about diversity.


someone who doesn't like crowds.


Someone who isn't big into athletics and partying. UNC is very academically focused, however, people like to go out and have fun. Someone who isn't socially inclined probably would have a hard time fitting in.


There is only one type of person who should not attend UNC - Chapel Hill: someone who does not want to learn. My university is accepting of everyone except these people. We are a diverse group, and very proud of that, but we all share the common goal of wanting to learn as much as possible.


Students without committment to learning in their field. UNC does not have an engineering program.


Unresponsible, slow -learners


I think there's something here for everyone!!


People who are not focused, but those people most likely won't get in anyway


The type of person who should not attend this school is a lazy, unmotivated, uncaring person.


Really conservative students


Someone who does not want to be at a large University. A person who does not like large crowds or into sports. Someone who is not focus on their education.


Someone who wants a really, really small school, someone who is extremely conservative politically.


Northerners would feel more comfortable in a school in the North. Also, anyone who likes a smaller setting where they feel like a part of a group and really comfortable should probably go to a smaller school.