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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I would say that the greek life is pretty popular, but also the football games. (fall 2015)


The Rugby Teams, men and women are very popular. Also, Greek Life is a pretty big deal. Their are five different campus ministries and the Campus Activities Board or CAB.


Student government organisations, sororities and fraternities.


Fall semester welcome


greek life


A really cool thing about UNC Charlotte is that it is very diverse. There is literally over 100 different clubs, activities, and groups on campus that tailor to every students needs. They have clubs that range from purely academic to fashion and karate clubs. Personally, I am more geared toward academic clubs and things that will help me with my major. I am in the pilot program which teachers you valuable life and leadership skills which can help me later in life with my career. I am also in the process of joining a nursing club (I am a nursing major) to help volunteer in things like blood drives and awareness events. It also gets you out meeting people and making friends who are most likely taking the same classes as you, so you will always have someone to study with. Greek life isn't forced down your throat here like it is at other universities. I went through the pledging process and I can honestly say the girls are amazing. I was invited to join on but couldn't because I couldn't invest as much time as I wanted to in the sorority. Being in a sorority is very time consuming however there is a lot of educational gain to be made when joining one as well as connections and sisterhood for the rest of your life. When coming to this school for the first time I would suggest rushing and seeing for yourself what they're all about, it is a great opportunity. I personally didn't have a problem making friends. I am very good friends with my roommates and other girls in my dorm as well as people in my classes. The hardest part is just approaching someone in your class, but once you do you will find out you have a lot more in common than you thought. My roommate and I live two very different lifestyles. For example, I wake up at 7 am and most of the time that is when she is just going to bed. I focus more on my homework than partying because my major demands it. However every now and then I will go to a party or a campus event which is a great way to let loose and just relax. One of the great things about UNC Charlotte is that there is a lot of things to participate in that doesn't involve drinking. You are very close to the city of Charlotte (which is beautiful) and it is packed full of events, restaurants, shows, bars, museums, parades, and concerts that you will always have something to do.


The most popular organizations are the Club Tennis Team, fraternities and sororities, Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, Emerging Leaders and Religious Organizations. I am part of M.O.V.E Dance Alliance and plan to join a fraternity this coming fall semester. The M.O.V.E Dance Alliance has a great group of people that are passionate about dance and are open to everyone joining, even people that are not dancers. Students leave their doors open often, it is not a big deal. The athletic events are really popular, particularly the mens basketball team games, also the mens soccer team reached the NCAA National Championship game this year and a lot of students went to Mobile, Alabama to support them. If I am awake at two am on a Tuesday I am typically studying or hanging out with friends. Fraternities and sororities are not the only way to have fun or feel apart of something, but they are becoming a bigger part of the school. For the next few years a new fraternity will be established every semester. The party scene is something you have to work towards, if you do not try to find a party you will not find one. Fraternity parties happen every so often and some of them are invite only. There are fun things to do on the weekend that does not involve drinking such as going to the mall, hanging out with friends, going uptown and catching live music shows at various venues.






I would say that the most popular teams on campus are the Basketball and the Soccer team although there are various other teams which are not as popular. I am involved with the college Republicans group which meets once a month to discuss recent events and how we can get involved in the community etc. Athletic events are very popular on campus as they are one of the only things to do on campus on weekends, although their is also a free movie theater. There are a couple of events which happen each year like the International food day, parent weekend, and various Halloween events.People often party on Thursday nights as most people don't have Friday classes, and on Saturday nights you can either go to an athletic game if its available or just simply hang out with friends. Last weekend I ended up coming home since I only live 30 minutes away and there was nothing going on.


There isn't one particular group on campus that is more important than the other. There are over 350 organizations that are equally important to each individual some way. It all determines the interest of the individual. However, CAB (Campus Board Activities) is one of the popular ones. This group host events such as parties, free food, game night, and much more on the weekends for students to participate in. Many students from observation participate in the intramural sports, but it is all about interest. Everyone likes different things. Partying is something everyone likes to do. It's college. However, most parties are off campus, but there is transportation provided. UNC Charlotte used to be a commuter campus where people would leave to go home on the weekends, so there are many groups who hold events that encourage students to stay. There are plenty of events to participate that do not involve drinking, and there are many events to participate in that do involve drinking, to each their own. In all, living in dorms and making new friends people find stuff to do all the time throughout the week. The more involved you are, the more fun you have because you know more people.


I wouldn't necessarily say that one particular group on campus is more important than the other. In my opinion, the activities and groups are what make up UNC Charlotte and present all students and opportunity to get involved and make a difference in campus life. I am a part of the campus gospel choir, the Voices of Eden. We sing at events on campus as well as churches, weddings, holiday parties, etc. There are no auditions for the choir giving everyone a chance to worship with us. Actually, I met some of my closest friends during my time in the choir. Aside from on campus events, there is a lot to do off campus as well. Not far from the school is Concord Mills Mall. Concord Mills also has an indoor and outdoor Nascar racing track as well as a movie theater. For racing fans, the Charlotte Motor Speedway isn't too far either. Currently, UNCC students are preparing for the big Homecoming game on the 11th! With that being said, there are an abundance of activities occurring on campus ranging from tailgating to family day!


People love sports on our campus! Our soccer team was the runner up in the national championship this year and we're in the process of building a brand new football stadium. Basketball is so huge on campus. Students are also very involved in greek life here.


Here at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte there are hundreds of organizations to get involved in. In my opinion the most popular organizations on campus are greek organizations and sports teams. I am involved in a few organizations on campus but the one that I am the most involved in the dance team. The dance team has been a great way for me to meet new friends, stay in shape, do community service as well as do what I love. UNC-Charlotte has so many opportunities for students to get involved so take advantage of them and get involved! :)