University of North Carolina at Charlotte Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The outside pressures of pin-pointing your major. The world is amazingly diverse and having had a chance to take a small glimpse at its diversity, it was nearly impossible to decide on one avenue to pursue. You learn about the struggles of others that you never imagined and your own simple plight for financial stability becomes meaningless. You want to be a part of the solution, not the problem and schools tend to dissuade you from that mentality. Financial stability should not always be the end goal of education.


I am on the "Engineering Campus" and this side of campus is much smaller than the main campus. Because we are smaller we do not have the same variety of food that the main campus has, so engineering students are forced to bring their own lunch or buy snacks.


the cafeteria food is so bad, everyones broke because they'd rather go out to eat.


The majors that it has to offer. They don't have a lot of art types of majors other than the general art and design.


the fact that there are not enough parking spaces and they close down roads to where there is soo much traffic.


Traditionally college is designed for younger students who come right out of high school. I don't see alot of adult full time students. I have found that sometimes I feel a little embarrassed being an adult student among so many young people, but I remind myself that I am doing something good for me and my family and that any goal that you have in life should require putting forth an effort to accomplish regardless of the length of time or personal sacrifices to make it happen. I've learned to get over my doubts and just keep going.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the registration for classes and the prices of books needed for each class can be too expensive.


Some of the rules on campus seem ridiculous at times. Unfortunately, the most frustrating thing on campus are the traveling preachers that come to our campus and ruin its sense of harmony. Being a christian myself, I feel as if they are representing my religion the wrong way.


Im not sure, this is my first semeter and classes have not started yet.


Parking at UNC-Charlotte is a major headache for many students. There are only so many spots, but the Parking Services keeps selling passes to people as though there were tons of spots left. If you get to campus at certain times during the day, you are able to get a good spot!


The hardest thing that I have had to cope with this year is being away from my family. I was born and raised in Erie, Pa,. This year I decided I wanted to spread my wings and take myself out of my comfort zone, I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. I love living here, but I come from a very close family and I miss them dearly. The school I am at is absolutly amazing and I know in my heart this was the right choice for me, I just wish my family lived a little closer.


I want to stay but worrying if I will be able to keep getting enough money to stay at the out of state school.


Financial Aid.


The GPA grading--its weird. If you have a 85 for a grade, it counts as a GPA of 2.0 (80) rather than 2.5. So it is pointless to have a final grade other than a 60, 70, 80, or 90.


The size of science classes is just a little too large...A lot of the time around 100 students.


The most frustrating thing, for me, was the lack of communication between advisers and students. There were several times that I got three different answers from three different people to the same question. It was confusing and time consuming. I think faculty should have to go through some type of training and make sure they know the requirements for the areas they are advising.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that academic advising is not as great as it could be. My advisors tend to not tell me pertinent information, and they often don't know what is going on within my major.


The buses have erratic routes, and my main classroom building is stuck on the far end of campus from all of the other buildings.


I don't find anything too frustrating at this school.


Many of the students don't take pride in their school. They blame it on the lack of football, but for the most part still wear other colleges' apparel even during basketball season. Also, be prepared to walk around campus, because everything is uphill.


Unity amongst some students, nothing to do on campus on the weekends, restaurants arent open on the weekend for those who stay, cafeteria food sucks monkey butt, and sometimes the lack of care from professors.


Finding a parking spot for commuters.


the fact that we have no football team so the enthusiasm on school spirt is low


traveling when its raining


Parking is really the most frustrating thing, I think. It's hard to find a good parking spot, and parking services can be unhelpful, even with campus organizations and clubs.


Parking. It's very difficult to find parking sometimes. They are building more decks slowly, but by the time the problem is solved I'll be graduated. Also, the price of a parking permit is ridiculous. It is near $400 per year.


The parking is the most frustrating thing. I find it hard to find parking throughout the week, especially during the busy times around campus. The parking decks aren't well lighted but there are campus police that do frequent drive bys.


No football team