University of North Carolina at Greensboro Top Questions

Describe the students at University of North Carolina at Greensboro.


My classmates are helpful and engaged.


My classmates are mostly young and full of idealistic hope. Some are vulnerable in that they are fresh out of high school, and have left their familiar nest for a big step out into the community. They have not yet faced the perils of the world on their own. This makes them unsure of themselves, but also naive about what challenges may lie ahead as they learn to stand on their own. They are fun-loving, peer oriented, and explorative of their interests and goals. Some work, some are talkative, some find their niches and never further venture.


My classmates are generally uninterested in concerning themselves with schoolwork or class participation.


My classmates are very well driven to excel within their majors.


A majority of them work very hard, but can get overstressed and do poorly on exams.


I take all of my classes online, so I don't get to interact much with my fellow students.


We are the most diverse campus in the UNC-System. This is something that I think puts UNCG in a good light. We have a variety of cultures and lifestyles represented on our campus. I think this makes our campus even more fun and even more interactive. You have the opportunity of meeting so many different people which can challenge you and can also make you see things through a different pair of lenses.


There are so many different races at UNCG Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, Asians, etc. No one can possibly feel out of place with such a great group of people. Students wear all kinds of clothing to class such as pj's, gym clothes, sweatpants, dress clothes, or anything that flows with their sense of style. The students are just great and very friendly. Many are not judgmental and could careless about the weird or unusual things othesr do that may even set a trendy topic.


UNC-Greensboro is known for having a significant LGBT population, though it's not obvious at first glance. You probably won't find an Occupy protest brewing here but it politically is liberal-leaning. Students usually don't focus on the job-market, instead preferring to switch majors a couple of times before finding their niche. Most students wear ordinary jeans and a t-shirt or sweats to class. A couple of students will wear pajamas sometimes, but this is usually in one particular building and isn't a widespread thing. A hardcore football fan would probably feel a little left out since there is no football program (with no intentions on getting on in the foreseeable future). There aren't any heated battles between the student orgs, but mostly because students rarely get involved with stuff like that.


.The students here at UNCG are so diverse! UNCG has beenk known to quite a diverse school and with knowing that and so many people going here you would think that everyone is just wanting ot meet new people right? And that is exactly the case. Everyone is so nice and willing to help one another even if they know you or not. This is a very friendly school and I don't think i can stress that enough. People wear everything from funky club clothers to sweat pants and a sweat shirt to a dress, it's a different view every day.