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What are the academics like at University of North Carolina at Greensboro?


The academics at my school are great! The professors will know your name in most classes, unless it's one such as a freshman seminar with many other students. Although, I think it would be hard for anyone to remember that many names. I just try to introduce myself to the professor in every class and then they remember me. My favorite class was my acting class with a graduate student as the professor. The class was classed fundamentals of acting and it was so fun because the professor was young herself so she could more easily relate to how the students were. My least favorite class was my online western civilization course just because I'm not very good with history but I actually did well in the class. There are always people in the library at UNCG, especially during finals. I was able to study enough for my classes and have a personal and social life as well. In most classes, everyone participates and it's very easy to make new friends in every single new class. Most of my professors have tried to incorporate some form of interaction between classmates throughout the course so it's not as awkward for anyone to participate in class. Wherever you're walking on campus, you will almost always here someone discussing a class or just having intellectual conversations. In my opinion, the students at UNCG are not competitive intellectually wise, that tends to be more in the athletic sports area, just like any other school. The most unique class I have taken was called Belief In Weird Things, and it definitely wasn't what you expect it to be. I don't want to spoil it for any of you that might take it, but you learn about a vast variety of things that many people around you might just belief in and you wouldn't think second twice about it being 'weird' until you take this course! Overall, I think the school's academic requirements seem realistic and standard for todays generation. What I do like is even though there may be some requirements you are not interested in, you will be able to find a course that can fit but you won't hate from the large majority of courses offered. I think the education at the school is geared toward both learning for its own sake and getting a job. Some of the education is just things to learn, but most of it seems to gear more towards helping the students be successful in whatever job they desire.


Most professors don't know my name, and I don't expect them to considering how many students are in each pf there classes. I do have smaller classes with graduate students teaching, and generally they all know my names. My favorite classes are my activity courses, such as volleyball. My least favorite class is my most difficult class, which is Physiology. Students generally don't study that much, but there are a small percentage that are continuously studying. It depends if participation counts as part of the grade. Participation usually doesn't count, and generally a lot of students skip class. All students are nice to one another, but some students study hard because their field is so competitive. History and Philosophy of Sport, because we are constantly working in groups, and we learn more about how sports worked in the past as opposed to just boring facts. I am majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sports Medicine. Sports medicine is very competitive at UNCG, and it is by far the largest concentration in the Kinesiology field. I don't recall ever spending time with professors outside of class. The schools academic requirements are far too easy for any student, but students still somehow manage to fall under these requirements. I feel like it depends on the major. For example, if I was an art major then it would be learning for the sake of it. But in my major, I feel like the Kinesiology program makes it vital to teach you how to get a job once you graduate.


My Professors knew my name because I let it be known. Moreover, many of them really try hard to remember your name and many of them accomplish that task. You may have those classes where its just a lecture and those are the classes you have to be more interactive with the professor. My favorite class so far has be Sociology: Deviant Behavior. I guess it was because I had the best teacher ever! I don't have a least favorite class I can honestly say, even the classes I thought I would hate and die of bored actually had a good outcome. Class participation is crucial! If you don't participate and state your opinions and questions I don't see how you will make it through that class. Oh yeah, did I tell you it can be up to 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of your grade! My major is Elementary Education a great department that I advise you to take a look at. There are great programs you can be involved in such as Teach Fellows, Teachers Academy, and/or clubs for Future Teachers. The academic requirements are just right. They are not requiring you to take too many classes that are outside of your major which is great. The education at this school is for your own sake of learning and not only to get a job, but to build a career that you will be happy and over achieve to your highest ability.


Without misleading you about the overall picture, I can only speak confidently on the Computer Science department for this question. The department is rather small with about 10 or so faculty overall. They all know your name at some point, though it's rare they ever truly get to know you. My favorite class was software development (real-world application) with my least favorite class being Theory of Automata (abstract nightmare). Students study around 5-10 hours a week for their entire course load. It's not frustratingly difficult, but there's a lot of theory/programming involved and that makes practice to master the concepts. Fortunately, professors are willing to assist you if you can put forth a good effort. This is not a competitive atmosphere for the most part. There really isn't a focus placed on Class rank; rather it's making sure you understand the base-concepts for later classes. There are intellectual conversations to be had, but it's not like we're endlessly debating in the hallways. There is a lot of camaraderie in the department because of it's size. Everyone knows you somewhat and friends aren't hard to make here. Learning is usually a purely academic endeavor. Practical applications are sometimes hard to come-by given the abstract material, and the department could benefit from an internship placement program or a technical job-fair. I feel like the job-market is sometimes considered an afterthought, but this is certainly surmountable.


Academics are great here at UNCG! Most smaller classes. like ones within your major are ones that have teachers that are easy to get to know and easier to build relationships with! Teachers are always willing to help students out as much as they can (you rarely meet a teacher here that won't). Whether it is a scheduled office meeting or just meeting outside of class, the majority of the teachers here are awesome. I am a communications major and my personal experience has been great! My teachers like for us to get to know them on a first name basis making the connection with them comfortable for us. Because of this, it has made it easier for me to contact them for anything I may need,


As I said before our professors are some the best not only in the State but country; they are very personal as well as professional. About every professor I've had during my college career at UNCG has had my best interest in mind. The professors take the time to slow down and make sure you understand the material they are covering. The classes I've enjoyed the most have come in my major of Graphic Design. Where great computer skills and artistic creativity are required. I love that the professors push us to be the most creative people in the industry, this really does prepare us as students to be competitive in our industries when we graduate. My business minor has provided me with invaluable information for day to day living as well as building my own business! I believe UNCG does a great job of preparing you for the work force through its academic requirements!


Academics range based on the instructor. Generally speaking, most classes are very large, especially in my major. The science building consists of many large lecture halls. Professors generally do not know your name, but most will give you the opportunity to spend time with them outside of class during office hours or to assist with assignments. If you take the time to get to know your professors, they will know your name, and they will remember you. This makes for a great future letter of recommendation, so I do recommend spending time with instructors outside of class, especially in the larger classrooms. My major is Biochemistry and in general I study 4-5 days a week, and sometimes every day of the week, when a test is coming up. This just means that I spend a little bit of time everyday focusing on certain topics. I try not to procrastinate because in the event that you do wait until the last minute to study, it is difficult to absorb all of the material that will be covered on the exam. Most of my classes are academically reasonable, I've never felt like I was given more work than I could handle at a given time. Of course, there are stressful weeks, but if you manage your time well, it is fairly easy to make the academics work. The education at the school is definitely more geared toward your future career. While you learn a lot, it's evident by the number of postings for internships, research, jobs, and graduate studies, that they want you to take your education and use it to better yourself in order to accomplish your dreams, regardless of what they may be!


I have noticed that teachers tend to know your name if you participate during class. From my experience the instructors really appreciate communication with students because it helps them know what the class is grasping, and still needs help with. Some students are competitive, especially if you are in a competitive major, or applying for an internship. The professors seam to gear students towards figuring out the best career for them, as well as helping the students become aware of what is required of them.


I am am seeking a B.S. in biology along with minors in chemistry and American sign language. My favorite classes so far have all been within my degree, microbiology, genetics, immunology, and all of my ASL classes have been great! Essentially all of my professors know me by name, but I do make extra effort to go by their office and talk with them so they know me, and when final grade time comes, that can be very helpful! There have been several times when I have seen certain professors outside of school, either just having a nice conversation or having a beer to celebrate the end of a semester. My experiences have shown me that the school is really geared towards getting you a job, they have a great career services center.


Academics are what you make it. Personally, I am a media studies major and I spend a small amount of time studying for my classes because I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on my subject. The other majors are far more demanding with classes like chemistry so it really depends on what you're doing. The professors know everyones names as long as it isn't a class with over 100 people. Advisors at the university are very helpful as long as you make an appointment to hash everything out. If you are unlucky and decide to do a group advising session you'll be severely disappointed.