University of North Carolina at Greensboro Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is the variety of students. Some schools seem to be one giant click with similar students. At UNCG, the variations between students is tremendous. Having such a wide spread student population allows you to always fit in. No one is ever the oddball out. I think this helps create a more relaxed learning environment.


The best part of UNCG is the openness to discussion. If you have different belifs from someone else there isn't a fight about it, but instead there's an intelectual discussion.


The best thing about my college has to be the array of activities that are available to get students involved. These conferences, organizations and events really help students to find their purpose in life and even decide on the careers they want to pursue for the future.


Both my classmates and teachers are very friendly and the campus is quite attractive.


The best thing about my school is the ability to take classes online. I don't even have to go to the actual school. Today you can do everything online. My school is very receptive of the needs of their students, especially adult students like me.




I think it really depends on your major. For me I think the academics are professors are the best part of uncg. My professors are very accomidating and are really passionate about what they do. They are very willing to help and love to explain something to you if you don't get it.


I would say the library. It is open extended hours daily and has plenty of quiet study and group study areas. It also has a range of resources available to students. The Reference Librarians were welling to help if needed and very knowledgable.


UNCG was an all girls school up until 1963, when it became co-ed. As someone studying Women's and Gender's studies, I find this extremely interesting and motivational. I feel like it demonstrates that UNCG was ahead of the curve when it came to civil rights, and women's rights.


The RAWK painting! We have a giant Rock in the middle of campus that any student or organization on campus can decorate or paint anyway they want to!


The Minerva statue outside of the EUC. Another interesting fact about the campus is that it used to be an all girls school.


My campus is beautiful. I love walking across it in the fall as the leaves fall down around me, or in the spring when all the trees are in bloom.


The available resources for student that need help with subject they are having difficulty in.


The best thing about University of North Carolina Greensboro is the available technology and the available access to it. The campus is beautiful and the faculty and staff seem eager to help out in any way possible. I enjoy the space in the library most of all and find it very easy to navigate campus. There is a pluthera of material to research and many methods available to help with all your subject needs. I highly reccomend this college as a possibilty to further your educational needs.


UNCG is a very diverse school. Even the teaching staff is varied, which gives students lots of different perspectives about learning.


UNCG offers many sources of help for students, including special courses for first-generation college students, free tutoring, writing assistance, and help to develop studying habits. The programs are many and diverse so instead of having so many opportunities to fail, they provide you many opportunities to succeed.


I believe that the tutoring services are fantastic at UNCG. You can get help with any subject, for free. There is the writing center, the math department, SIP which is for your science classes, etc... You can succeed at UNCG, you just need to put in the effort and ask for help when it is needed.


The best thing about UNCG is the access to all computers, and sources of information that can be used as help.


UNC-G has an amazing reputation for attracting many from diverse backgrounds. The university is very inclusive, and particularly responsive when it comes to REALLY assisting ALL students. This is one of the best characteristics you can ever have with any university, and I'm proud of this.


The teachers are willing to help you if you need the extra help.


The liberal atmosphere. For a University in North Carolina this school is very liberal. Many other schools in the state are much more Conservative and feel much less inviting.


The best thing about UNCG is the beautiful campus and the people. The campus is the perfect size and it is full of really pretty trees and old brick buildings. It is just really lovely. The people are also great because they are so helpful and friendly.


The professors. The majority of the professors are there to help you when help is needed. They want you to succeed. I am part of the SSS program and the help is wonderful!


I consider the best thing about my school to be the School of Education. All of the professors and the advisors care for every students individual needs. They are completely there for the students and try to help in any way possible whether it is educational or financial matters. They make every student feel as if they can succeed and are there to help any student who feels otherwise.


The best thing about my school definitely has to be the resources. There are resources for everything you could think of. We have an excellent speaking and writing center. The are many many resources for majors, and jus school work in general.


The diversity among the people, as well as the number of different directions you can go in terms of what you study.


It's an extremely diverse campus. People come from all walks of life and backgrounds. It's refreshing to see and know that the university provides support for each and every student, no matter what.


The best things about my school is the diversity. I feel very welcome everywhere I go on campus.


I consider the helpfullness and kindness of the administration to be my plus factor. I was a transfer to the school and they made the transition completely easy. I can honestly say I LOVE UNCG!!!!


The school has a small, intimate feel, despite its large campus size. While it feels small, a student can still take advantage of the resources one would expect from a large school, such as campus-wide wireless internet access and fantastic counseling services. With hard work, a diligent student can truly shine in this environment.


The very liberal aspect of this school is amazing. I come from a very conservative town where much of my traits are considered frowned upon. Here everyone fits in and it's great!


The best thing about my school is the diversity because you can meet different people from different countries and cultures.


The best part of UNCG is that you can figure out who you are and what you want without a ton of pressure to succeed in a particular field. The undergraduate courses here allow you to explore the possible fields that you could go in to and the facualty is always willing to work with the students in order for the students to succeed.


The diversity in academics and among the student body because it really reflects the liberal arts environment that I've always wanted to be a part of!


The students and staff are great overall


The student population.


Academics and professional schools, because you get more guidance within professional schools than just being a part of a major.


The best thing about my school is how people from different ethnic groups get alone very well. There is little to no racism on campus, it seems as though everybody get alone. People around here are very nice and are willing to help you when needed.


the best thing about my school is that everybody tends to get along with each other and help each other out.


The best thing about my school is the cultural diversity. I love that at my school there are so many ethnicites to learn about and study. There are also so many new concepts to learn about people and it's like having the whole world in one city!


The best thing about my school is that the people are friendly. The teachers are always willing to help and give extra attention to those who need it. University of North Carolina at Greensboro has the absolute best tutors and advisors.


The best thing about my school is that everyone is accepted and given the chance to stand up for what they believe in. Everyone is given a voice, and people are not judged based on their beliefs. Professors, staff, and students are very open-minded. This makes for an incredible learning environment! There are programs offered constantly for awareness of so many different topics. This school does it's best to keep the students informed on what's going on in the world and keeps our eyes focused on our goals.


It is condusive to actual learning. I have had multiple opportunities to listen to many other view points and world views in order to make myself a more well rounded individual.