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The thing that is so unique about UNCPb compared to the other schools I applied to is that it is much smaller allowing for smaller class sizes and less people to have to beat out for limited spaces.


At UNC Pembroke most of the students know each other unlike the other bigger colleges I applied to. Students have a better experience because they know people in every class and that makes them more comfortable.


UNCP is located in a very small town. It is a very small university full of diversity.


Some unique about my school than other schools I considered was its racial diversity. Many racial ethnicities attend my college. The ethnicities range in a wide variety, which I think adds a mixture and a sense of character to my college.


Pembroke is much smaller than most of the schools I have considered, but it still had a wide variety of activities. Plus, its size allowed me to participate in plenty of the activities. Professors know you by name, and actually care, which is really rare for most colleges. They even were extremely helpful to me completing the semester after a memory loss. It is definitely a school focused on the success of its students


Class size, close to home


The University of North Carolina at Pembroke is unique compared to other schools because of its Native American hertiage.


Honestly, one of the main reasons I chose Pembroke is that they're affordable. It is also nice that they have good music and english departments and are close to home. What I've learned since being at Pembroke is that, although it's a good size, there is still a familiarity throughout. It isn't difficult to make friends and everybody pretty much knows everybody.


The University of North Carolina at Pembroke offers a distinguishing experience different from any other college or university. UNCP offers an extremely diverse community with students and faculty representing various races, religions and economic backgrounds as well as many non-tradition students. Learning is personal at UNCP with small classes and extremely knowledgeable and motivated professors that inspire their students. Originating as a Native American college and transforming to the newest addition to the University of North Carolina institution, UNCP offers any student a unique way of finding oneself through the wide array of cultural experience offered around campus.


My school is more unique compared to other schools that I considered, because it has a very diverse atmosphere. There are so many different types of people at my school. This gives me the opportunity to make friends with people of different cultures, which in turn will help me become a more well rounded student. I love learning about new cultures and meeting interesting people too, becuase I too am a little multicultural.


UNC-Pembroke is more personal so the class size is small and the teacher really cares that you do well. Many of the other schools it seemed as if the students were just a number and not a person. Pembroke is very diverse in its culture and allows people to express themselves. Also many of the other schools were in big cities and Pembroke just felt more like home.


Well at UNCP just like their slogan says learning gets personal. The classes are small giving the professors a chance to work with each of the students one on one. Like any other college for a student to be successful they must do their part by studying and reading the material assigned. The professors insure clarity even if theres something we dont understand they're willing to take time and explain things to the students. At UNCP learning really does get personal.


The people at my school are very different, opinionated people. By being exposed to so many different ideas, learnings, and life experiences, this makes it easer to understand how the real world works. The amount of knowledge that you learn in and out of the classroom makes my college one of the best to attend to get a full educaiton.


small but big at the same time?


Pembroke is a largely native american area. There is greater diversity on out campus than many others, because of the population of native americans that attend. I believe the most unique thing about Pembroke is the diversity. There are people from all walks of life attending this college and it is nice to see the diversity and experience it.


Something unique about the school that I attend is that the people are all friendly. I have never been to a small city where 99 percent of the people are happy and friendly.


The University of North Carolina at Pembroke is very diverse in ethnic backgrounds and it is small enough to offer intimacy and adequate assistant by the faculty and staff.


In high school, we all have the same group of friends for the four years that we're there, so it provides a sense of security. It can be overwhelming to move off to college, and to not have the same friends. At Pembroke, our campus is so small that you can have that same thing. At bigger schools it can be harder to make lasting friendships when everyone lives so far apart. Everyone is closer together, and even without transpostation, people can still get together. Its nice to be able to see the same faces walking to class everyday.


The students are so diverse, and the people you encounter in your classes. It gives a great description of what the world is like. The culture of the town is a big impact on the university. Professors are resourceful and professional. Classes are small. They are many leadership opportunities. It is a great small university.


we have one of the only schools in america that lets us use braves as our mascot.


The small class sizes, and personal touch from the faculty and staff.


My school is the most culturally diverse in the UNC system as well as the smallest. My school is in the smallest town in the UNC system so the college is more like a community than just a bunch of people who ended up at the same University.


The University of North Carolina at Pembroke (also known as UNC Pembroke or UNCP) is a public, co-educational, historically American Indian university in the town of Pembroke. UNCP offers small class sizes; the student-to-faculty ratio is 14:1, and classes average 30 students. Classes are also taught exclusively by professors. There are no classes on campus taught by graduate assistants. This is where the University's motto "Where learning gets personal" comes from.


small class sizes and that you can walk to each class within 10min, and don't have to drive to get where your going.