University of North Carolina at Pembroke Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I pretty much knew everything about this school. I am a permanent resident of Pembroke, NC! Therefore, I have always been extremely invovled with the campus itself.


I wish I had known how much funI was going to have. I was worried I would feel awkward and shy but once I got here, I realized most people were easy to talk to. Also, I wish I had better knowledge about which meal plan to choose.


I wish I had known how great campus life really would be so my anxiety level would have been decreased!


The professors here are very welcoming and willing to help you as much as possible so take advantage of that. My first degree came from a much larger university where classes could have over 400 students and the professor couldn't possibly learn everyone. At UNCP professors learn your name, they are interested in you and your education. Use their advice and willingness to help to help you in your college career.


I wish I had known how far of a drive it is from my location in Winston-Salem!


The University of North Carolina is a great campus becuase of the diversity of students that a new comer will encounter. The place may seem like a "ghost town" for most students, but I guarantee you will be friends with a least a third of the population on campus! Just be yourself and always be open-minded! The professors care about you and they will help you be successful! You will learn, grow, and prosper.


I wish I was more prepared for college. I have always lived with my parents (still do) and I really never did anything on my own. I wish I was more independent and self-motivated in the beginning.


I wish I would have known that a lot of graduate programs look down so to speak on UNCP degrees, they think of this school like a party school and like they just pass people along, when in all actuallity I work just as hard at this school as the University I transfered from.


I wish that I had done more research about this school and what it offered to the students. Before accepting this college, I would have liked to research more schools and not made such a big deal about money. Yes, it is important but there are ways to get around the issue like being a good student and do a lot of community service. This pays off in scholarships and grants. For future students, I advise them to do careful research on their schools of choice, noting the majors and specifications of the courses.


I wish I had better prepared myself for the process of moving from one place to another and continuing higher education.


I wish that I had known that focus can really be a great tool in succeeding in college. If you have the ability to focus, not just on assignments and essays, but on making sure that you complete your education, then you will be better off, because their will be a lot of people and situations that will deter you. Having a strong focus will eliminate those distractions and can make life smooth and easy.


that you must have more of an outgoing personality to really fit in, or accept drinking alcohol. i'm not that girl.


I wish that i had known that the on-campus employment was scarce and hard to come by.


If you don't join a sorority, fraternity, or sport, this school is very boring.


I didn't know that this school is expanding every year. That's not a bad thing tho. UNCP is constantly renovating and building to accomodate the growing number of students.


Nothing really.. I knew a lot about it already


I wish I had known more about what I wanted to do with myself socially. I gained a lot of friends, but lost far more then I should have in the course of my first few semesters due to things that didn't really matter in the long run.


I wish I had known how unprofessional some of the professors were at this college.


I wish I had known about the way the professors work and how to research properly.


I wish that I would have known more about how to live on my own. All my life I was surrounded by family members. I quickly adjusted, but I would have liked to have been more prepared on "leaving the nest" as my mother would call it.


That there was so much hazing going on in fraternities


That I really would not receive as much financial aid and grants as I was told.