University of North Dakota Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It it also the only university that offers bachelors in chemical, electrical, mechanical, geological and petroleum engineering degrees online fully accredited by the ABET (American Board of Engineering and Technology). In order for this university to maintain its ABET accreditation, distance students must complete lab work for a week or more each summer on campus.


My school is best known for the hockey team and arena that it has. The Fighting Sioux hockey team is a widely known team all around the country and their arena is no different. The Ralph Englestand Arena is a state of the art arena given to the university by various alumni. The arena houses two hockey rinks as well as several basketball courts. The arena cost a total of around 105 million dollars to construct and is an amazing sight to many that visit the university.


My school is best known for it's engineering program, aviation, hockey and athletic name controversy. We have one of the premier engineering and aviation programs in the nation. This draws students from all parts of the United States and makes for an interesitng and diverse student population. Our hockey program is and has long been one of the elite college programs in the nation and is a source of pride for all students attending this college. Our athletic nickname "The Fighting Sioux" has garnered a lot of attention as of late.


My school is best known for thier Aviation and Engeneering programs.


The University of North Dakota is known for being one of the best flight training schools in the nation if not the best. Considered a liberal arts collage, everyone in the aerospace department has to enroll in core classes like everyone else. UND is also the home of the Fighting Sioux Hockey Team, let me be the first to tell you that everything here revolves around Hockey. The school also holds football and basketball games like other universities but the real exitement comes from the hockey arena, even if you're not a fan, trust me, you soon will be.


UND is best known for their Aerospace program. I was previously working at a manufacturing plant that works in the aerospace industry. I want to become a mechanical engineer through UND. One day I hope to work for an employer in aerospace, possibly N.A.S.A.


I think this school is best known for are hockey program and business program.


My school is best known for its academic excellence. It's also well known for its medical and law divisions.


Aviation, chemical enginnering, law school, med school and physical therapy are what the University of North Dakota are most known for. Although, it is also thought to be one of the coldest places in the entire world next to Siberia.


Our school is known for it's medical program. I know very little about it because I don't have any interest in that part of the school but I do know that it is a very good school. Our school is most famously known for it's avition program. There are not very many programs in the nation as far as I know but I do know that our aviation program is very well known, and many people come here for aviation. But as far as I'm concerned our engineering department is also very good.


My school has a great aviation department and a respected relationship with NASA.


My school is best known i believe for its Aviation program being one of the two schools with the program. Also, I think that my school is well known for its hockey program.


Hockey. And our nickname change. We also have the Ralph Engelstad Arena, which is the second biggest college sports arena in the country. This arena is where we watch Hockey and there are many concrets in the Grand Forks area that perform there.


Aviation, business, medicine and law.


Aviation and hockey. Top school in the nation for both!


The University of North Dakota is best known for its Aerospace program (one of the best in the country) and our amazing hockey team.


Here at UND we are known for many things. Our aviation program is huge and hockey is even a bigger deal. We have great school spirit with many options for majors to be explored. The University of North Dakota has a great sense of history and is one of the oldest, most developed University's in our area. We are a pretty diverse campus for North Dakota thanks to our aviation program mostly. UND is a large scale campus for North Dakota, but still has that small town feel that so many of us grew up with.


Nationally the University of North Dakota are known for their hockey team. Locally the University of North Dakota is known for its academic excellence.


Division I Men's Hockey


Aviation program and Hockey


Aerospace, medical, and educational programs