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What are the academics like at your school?


There are a good chunk of classes at UND I have enjoyed and learned a great deal in. While some classes have been only fillers for my essential students requirements, some of them I found have turned out to be my favorite classes. Professors have always been able to make appointments to work around my class schedule with so if I have any difficulty they have usually been able to help me. My favorite class so far has been developmental psychology. Even not being in the honors program you are allowed to take the honors section and I loved it because it allowed small group discussion. I am really excited I changed my major to psychology. The classes keep me interested more than any other department classes and the professors are especially approachable.


the academics at UND are good and the instructors are easy to talk to and are approachable.


In the aviation department, there is a sense of competition among flight students. We talk about out progress in our flight courses and see who can finish first. This makes many students motivated to stay focused on their training. Enthusiastic ground and flight instructors ensure that students stay on track and complete their training on time.


Academics at UND are pretty decent. There are lots of different academic programs to choose from. Also you can kind of pick and choose your class size, all of the professors try their hardest to get to know their students regardless of class size.


Academics at UND are at about par, I think. I've never taken classes anywhere else, so I can't compare, but I think they're pretty decent. As with all colleges, some departments or professors are hit-or-miss, quality wise, but I have had more good teachers than bad teachers. The chemistry department has been on some kind of probation for at least the last seven or so years, but nothing seems to have changed, to hear some of the older students tell it. There might be other departments, too, but that's the only one I know of. One thing I like about my music major is that everyone in the department knows everyone, or almost. I had a teacher this year, Dr Towne, who made a point of learning everyone's names, even non-music majors in his bigger classes. This might not be the most helpful to everyone, but I'm going to write about the departments and teachers I know, because who am I to generalize those that I don't? I know nothing about the engineering or nursing or aerospace or math professors. Of the teachers that I've had, a few stand out to me as spectacular and a few stand out as awful. My favorite teacher on campus is Dr Khan, who teaches French. He really tries really hard to make sure that everyone in his class succeeds, plus he's nice, available for help, and grades fairly. Some other shining stars are Dr Pierce, chemistry; Dr Darland, biology; and Prof. Bronfman, music. However, my biology teacher last semester was the most boring person imaginable. He was a graduate student and didn't even want to be teaching the class. We didn't learn as much as the other sections of the class did, in my opinion. My composition professor made me write my research paper in first person, which was a really painful experience for me and I felt like I un-learned how to write in that class. My other French teacher was kinda loopy, though I have come to expect that in French teachers, and didn't correct us when we used the wrong grammar, which really rubbed me the wrong way. The teaching assistants for the labs I've had so far have been good 75% the time, which isn't bad at all. I just had the one who thought she was going to save the world through anal retentive grading and making us learn to spell all the phyla of invertebrates. Overall, if I thought I wasn't getting a good education here, I'd leave despite despite my scholarships. I'm still here, so I guess that says something.


Professors are top notch! seriously, I have had some amazing professors and some I could have lived without. Overall - extremely satisfied with my education.


professors are awesome, classes arent that big at all... favorite class was religion (great teacher) Im majoring in speech therapy/pathology! professors are always online and return e-mails right away!


My favorite classes are my geography classes preferably my remote sensing classes. The professors in my department are with you on a personal level and really care about you and how you are doing. What has made my academics more beneficial and easier to manage is I found a great adviser who even through the summer while I'm away at NASA (an internship that he helped me get) any questions I may have he is always there to answer and give support. I love my academics at UND and getting a preview of the working world this summer I am seeing how UND has prepared me for the world even in the two years I have been in attendance.


You learn to teach yourself a lot and some of the Chemistry department needs a lot of work


We have a very strong academic achievment and students from this school time and time again prove themselves in the real world. There is a sense of excellance and professionalism on this campus that doesn't exist just anywhere. I am able to take classes in Theatre, Anthropology, Political Science and Honors while being Pre-Law. It's great to be able to take all of those classes and have professors who help you link the subjects to broader issues in the world. UND is about learning and getting a job. It's a very well rounded education ... if you put in the effort.


As a freshman, you'll probably take a lot of huge lecture classes (huge ~100ppl) where noone knows your name. But once you get into some smaller classes and more focused on your major the professors will know your name and be quite willing to help.


Academics are a joke, the classes are about a highschool level and the vast majority of professors don't care who you are or about your success in the least.


We are very versatile with different academic groups. Not only does UND provide many majors, but we are well known for many. Even though we are known as a huge aviation school, we succeed in other dimensions of academics as well; such as business, engineering, nursing, and so on. Some professors are good and some are bad. It is amazing how much the professor effects your grade and how much you learn. Ask around for what professors to get, it is extremely important.


At UND, students take academics seriously...but not TOO seriously. We study, we learn, and we ponder the greater meanings of life, but we also know when to put down the books and have fun. UND prides itself in being a "research" university, so there are the opportunities for interested students to become more serious about their schoolwork and advancing their career opportunities. Professors are easily accessable and resonable to work with (for the most part). No professor is perfect, but UND offers ways for students to provide anonymous feedback to the departments and the professors themselves. Once you get beyond your general classes, class sizes are small...the average class size is only 28 students. Even the largest lecture bowls aren't that large. The biggest classroom on campus holds about 240 people.


The faculty at this school know what they are talking about. You get a great education at this school and you can guarentee that you will learn life skills both in and out of the classroom that you will use for the rest of your life.


After a year of classes I will only take as many big lecture hall classes as you need. If it's at all possible to take smaller classes, do it. You get lost in the lecture halls and it's also difficult to pay attention. In the smaller classes, say 15-25 people, it's much more personable.


Some professors know your name here. If you are in a big lecture class, chances are they wont know your name but some do. My all time favorite class here is Anatomy. In lab we have real human bodies to work with and I think that is way more beneficial than working on animals when your job will be working with humans. I am currently taking courses towards getting into the nursing program. this is a very competitive major. We have to apply and get accepted into the program based on certain criteria. I think UND's academic requirements are very resonable and attainable.


I had no problems, classes are fairly easy and most of the professors are cool.


I think the education at UND is pretty good. There aren't many problems that I can think of. Based on what I've seen, courses are designed to prepare you for the workforce, which I think is important.


The worst class I have ever taken at UND so far is Western Civ. 1. This class was extremely hard 100 level class.


Love the classes, good class sizes Always check out pick-a-prof before registering!


My favorite professor would be Charles Munski. He is a man of all character. He always has a joke to tell his class. He really tries to work with his classes and get them involved along with being very helpful to students and understanding. I think students are competitive with each other, especially students who are working toward the same degrees or career fields.


In the avaition department, I love how involved and caring the teachers and staff are.


The dynamics of academics at UND are really varied according to department and individual classes. In my large lecture classes, professors don't nessecarily know my name unless I visit them for extra help. But, in many of the smaller humanities classes, I have really gotten to know my teachers and my classmates--I have met some of my closest friends in these type of classes. My favorite class is my creative writing class, it has really sparked my interest in a new activity. I'm beginning to prefer these smaller humanities classes as I get more involved with classes for my major. Most students I know are very serious about school and spent alot of time studying. For the most part, students are proactive about their educations, but perhaps these are just the people I associate with, because there are certainly examples to the contrary. I have found it to me very true that students have intellectual conversations outside of class, I have had such conversations even when I run into classmates at social events. I am a Biology major, and I find that department to be very challenging but also interested in helping students succeed. I have had more trouble with the chemistry department. The administrators seem to have a mentality to weed out lesser students and really aren't willing to do anything extra to help students succeed. It is my understanding that the department is under probation because not enough students pass its classes.


I transferred in enough of my credits to not have to take the general classes at UND. The classes I have taken and am in now are "just fine." Number wise, they are fairly small. Both of my teachers for my major classes are graduates of my old school, so they know what they are doing and how to teach. My teachers are easy to get along with. I think that the classes are way too easy, but it only helps me.


The best classes I've taken at UND are the Anthropology classes. The teachers are extremly engaged in their field, and can also relte the material to their own real-life experiences as the work outside of school as well as inside.


I feel that class participation is very important at UND. All of my professors encourage it and want us to be actively involved in class. I am in the business college at UND, which is by far the best in the state and surrounding area. We have a recognized accounting program, as well as finance and economics. Professors are very willing to help you outside of class. The internship opportunities are incredible. Professors are willing to write you recommendations, help you find a job suitable for you, and will help you all along the way. UND offers many scholarships as well.


there are a few classes with the typical college lecture bowl where the professors are impersonal and lecturers but that is basic with general ed classes but some of the professors in the smaller classes are personal and easy to talk to


As I mentioned early, I really enjoy my classes. Because I am in my major classes now they are smaller and more personal. I like all of my professors.


Classes at UND are, at least for me, just the right size. Obviously some of them (i.e., into-level courses) are held in vast lecture bowls, but once a student gets down to taking major-specific classes the size shrinks to 30-50 some odd people. This is also nice in that the professors then get to know individuals on a first name, more personal basis, which is excellent when filling out applications and one has multiple professors he/she can put down as references. As for class participation that seems to vary amongst classes - some professors almost demand it of their students, others are content to stand up front and lecture the whole period; it just comes down to different teaching styles really. One thing I have noticed from being involved in multiple academic departments on campus is certain areas (like business) have professors that are truly concerned with their students getting jobs - events are always being held for students to go out and meet recruiters or for recruiters to come right into the classrooms. Other areas (like sociology) don't really mention much about job fairs or prospects.


I know all my professors by name. I am not just a number in the classroom like many people think of when they come to college. My professors know me by name as well. The more you get into your major, the smaller and more personal your classes are. Class participation is very common.


great occuaptional therapy program


Some of my professors know my name, some don't. It all depends on the size of the class, and since I'm not into classes specific to my major, I really don't expect them to know my name. My favorite class thus far has been abnormal psychology, it's extremely interesting. My least favorite classes have been chemistry, and currently business. Class participation is really not that common at all, but that's not surprising to me. I think students study a lot, but obviously it varies depending on the individual. Some students have intellectual conversations, some don't. It depends on the environment and such. I think the education at UND is geared twoards getting a job and learning for the sakie of learning on a very equal scale.


the classes are pretty big and it is hard for the professors to know everyone


I like to compare my Honors courses to my traditional courses. Honors courses focus around involvement and the students are the real leaders in the class discussion. I wish that the traditional courses would allow for this opportunity as well. I dislike just sitting in a classroom for an hour and just have to listen to one person drone on forever and not care about the students sitting in the seats. Some teachers try to connect with the students but get easily frustrated or just give up. Others don't even notice the students and seem to be just talking to themselves. I also feel like many classes are just geared towards students doing well on tests. Along with teaching the topics covered, there is a need to be taught how this applies to the rest of the world and how this can be continued in the real world. Information doesn't stick unless I can apply it to a real situation. This is the main thing UND is lacking. An expansion of the classes so that it extends beyond information and includes real examples.


Rigorous, but fun. If you take the time in a class, your professor will take the time. Meeting with your prof is wayy worth it.


All of the professors that need to speak to me surprisingly know my name even if I have never introduced myself to them.


Depending on your major, classes aren't too bad. As long as you put forth effort, have a good attitude, and get to know your professors, you won't make bad grades. I barely study, but I sit in the front and make use of office hours. It isn't that difficult for professors to know who you are. If they know you, they will give you a better grade.


Most of my classes are very large so the professors do not know my name. My favorite class is ballroom dancing because it is sooooo much fun. There isn't a better class offered at UND. My least favorite would have to be physiology because it is really really hard and it requires way too much out of class studying.


tough classes but good


The best class I have taken at UND was Social Problems and Personality Theory. The Teaching and Learning department is good, but some of the teachers are jokes. The head of the department Glenn is amazing. He looks out for all the students and makes sure that we are getting the best education possible.


I get along with many of my professors, though I've had some bad experiences. Students are competitive and intellectual inside and outside of the classroom. I am a Psychology major. I haven't had the chance to experience a whole lot of the department and its professors.


Most professors do not know my name. I really like my Evolution class. I really don't like ochem and ochem 2. Students study alot. There isnt really too much class participation. Yes UND students have intellecual conversations outsied of class. Students are competitive especailly when it comes to getting into programs.


The professors in the education department and wonderful. They know you by name and are very helpful.


UND offers a great deal of different academic programs from you to choose from. I really haven't found anything too overwhelmingly difficult if you are willing to put forth the time and effort into it. A lot of the professors are willing to talk to you outside of class and take an active interest in the students, but there are some who just don't give a shit about you. It kind of all depends on who it is. Some departments place a lot of emphasis on job placement upon graduation and other departments don't. Just like the attitude of the professors, it all depends on who you are dealing with. The academic requirements at UND are pretty straight forward, but you need to pay attention to them. I know a lot of people that didn't realize that they HAD to have a minor to graduate, or that the departmental GPA for graduation was 2.7, so they had to stick around to increase their GPA. Also, look at when classes are offered. Some classes are only offered every three semesters, so if you don't plan everything out, you can end up being stuck here longer than you expected for one class.


One of the best parts about academics at UND would have to be the professors. They are so talented and I am often amazed at their intelligence. Also I feel very comfortable personally talking with most of my professors.


I think that some of my teachers know my name. It really depends on the size of the classes and if you take time to talk to them. My favorite classes would have to be between my psychology classes and my nutrition classes. My least favorite is math and history classes. Class participation is pretty common. UND students do have intellectual conversations outside of class. Students here are VERY competitive. The most unique class I have taken is probably anthropology. I really like my major and most of the teachers in the psychology department are very good. I have not spent time with my professors outside of class. I feel that UND's academic requirement are reasonable. I think the education here is geared towards just learning for some classes but some are also geared towards getting a job.


My least favorite class is Microeconomics.


Class sizes are perfect, if you go to class, your professors will recognize you. Gamble Hall is old, but the have been doing a good job of renovating it.


I've heard bad things about the chemistry department, which sucks because my major is chemistry. I haven't had a problem though. My favorite teacher is actually my chemistry 222 teacher. My only complaint is that our chem 222 labs last for like 4 hours; I put more work into that class than any other, and it's only worth 1 credit. I am also in the Honors Program and dislike it. It has it's perks, such as a partial tuition waivers and early registration, but the busy work is not worth it. One thing that's really nice about UND is that the professors are so willing to help you. They want you to do well and they dedicate time to do so.