University of North Dakota Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I refer to it as the "Harvard of the North." Great professors, salt of the earth people with old world values, truly interested in the students that attend the university. I tell folks that it may be cold, but that leaves us more time to study and commit to education. It's cold and down right miserable, but there is little excuse to attend class. Though we only have 15,000 students, including graduate programs, I felt that when I needed on-on-one help from my professors that it was always available.


The professors here are remarkably helpful and interested in not only your well-being, but also your academic success. Most of the class sizes are super manageable--and the ones that are big are the 100-level surveys that everyone takes simultaneously. There's a lot of stuff to do on campus, depending upon your interests, and it's writers conference in the spring every year is spectacularly amazing.


It may be the frozen north of the Dakotas, but this school is anything but lacking diversity. Coming here, I learned quickly this school has reached out globally to form partnerships with schools in China, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, England, Norway, and more. Everyone gets along well, and there is a camraderie here amongst the student body. There is an active attempt for the students here to experience new foods, sports, and make friends from all over. The international students here will often stage events showcasing their homeland , and introducting to the other students their local food, music, and culture.


I brag about the great aviation program an the brand new wellness center.


The thing I brag about most to my friends is the amazing English program that is suited and accustomed to my interests and career needs.


I brag that at my school everyone is always super friendly and willing to help you out. If your a freshman lost around campus anyone you stop and ask for directions will help you get to where your going and try to answer any questions you might have. There is always something to do around campus and many fun sporting events to attend as well. There is no shortage of ways to get involved at the University of North Dakota, and of course tons of school pride.


The University of North Dakota has one of the best college teams out there. The games are something that everyone should experience at least once. The other sports teams are also fun to watch as the student body is very supportive of the sports teams. The people here are very friendly and willing to help out in a moments notice.


When talking about my school, I always mention the hockey arena and the performers that come to it over the year. Over this year we have had Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert come to the school, which is great entertainment. The school also holds weekend Night Life events for the stuidents to do on the friday and saturday nights. The other aspect of the school that I mention is that the teachers here get to know the students well.


The best thing about UND is that they offer accredited engineering degrees online. For instance, Mechanical Engineering. I currently work full-time and have a young family. It is great to know I can get a quality education online at UND. Another great thing about UND is that the insturctors/professors go above and beyond to help students (online). Whenever I needed help, I would receive an e-mail very shortly in response. My physics professor also included PowerPoint presentations to show how 'sample' equations should be worked out.


Such a diverse group of students here, that makes it fun and exciting to hear the opinions and words of others. If you get stuck in the snow or on the ice, people here are kind enough to stop by and say 'Hey, let me help you!' People will let you know if what your doing is wrong, ugly, or needs working on. This helps you prepare for the career field your studying and increase your abilities.


The school spirit, especially at hockey games, and the great academic programs.


It is so cold in North Dakota that our school has above ground and underground tunnels to walk in. Often the temperature would be double digit negative and there would be frostbite warnings advising people not to be outside more than 10 or 15 minutes. Dispite this, school was very rarely cancelled so we would all park and walk for much longer than the advised 15 minutes to get to class. Students definitely had to be dedicated to graduate at the University of North Dakota.


When I brag about my school to my friends, I think about many things. UND has a very diverse amount of programs, along with a very diverse student body. However at the same time, It has the Midwestern Friendliness and Work Ethic that we are famous for.


The lefse at the dinning centers and the tunnels from food to the dorms so we don't have to go outside in the cold on weekend mornings.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag most about how many free activities the University of North Dakota offers to students that are very fun and entertaining. I also brag alot about all the great people I have met.


our hockey team


The campus atmosphere is awesome. Almost everyone seems very friendly, students and faculty. Plenty of ways to get involved with campus acitvities or groups.


Relaxed setting, fun, affordable,


They are always there for me. My friends are my family away from home.


We brag when Fighting Sioux hockey beats my friends' college hockey teams.


Hockey team and the amount of help offered at the school.


Hockey and the fun that we have with all our friends in a small town


the hockey team and the class labs


How affordable it is and how much fun you can have while still going to a smaller school with a small-town atmosphere. Also, how easy it is to make friends and how easy it is to get help with homework so that school becomes easier.


One main thing that our school is known for is our hockey team, The University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux. They are a main reason why I chose to come here. Hockey is a big thing in Grand Forks and the whole city gets out to support the team every weekend. The Ralph Engelstad Arena is always sold out and you can see the team spirit in the stands.


Aviation, football, hockey... music gigs and fun events


It's world renouned for its flight program, and famous in the midwest for hockey. but other than that it kinda sucks.


That it has a really good reputation for students jobs after college and that it is top rated in the nation.


The beautiful camups and the great people.


The Hockey Team and the professors


UND Hockey


What I brag most about when I tell my friends about The University of North Dakota is how it accomodates my needs and I feel like I can study anywhere on campus, meet friends at anytime to hang out and have lots of activites to get involved in outside of classes. I enjoy playing intramural volleyball and having the Wellness Center to work out in. I am thankful for different events each week that occur even when I can't make it to them I'm glad there are things happening for the students!


Fun, but with a lot of work put into school


The sports and spirit of the school


How much fun I have. How great all my friends are. All of the opportunities that I have had because I am here.


I tell my friends at home who go to that college how big my school is how its a mile long by a half mile wide and we have to use a bus to get arround on time.