University of North Dakota Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would have to be that though I am taking online classes, there is no campuses near me in Michigan to further myself.


The worst thing about my school is the location. Grand Forks isn't the most exciting city to live in and the winter winds are terrible.


The worse thing about my school is the number of students that enter freshman year not understanding that they are in college. When they enter the preliminary courses for their major, many non-motivated kids will drop the class or hold back the rest of the students. This makes the teachers and the college look bad when really the problem is unprepared students. Everyone has to take at least a few science and math classes. UND is a pretty great school academically, but unprepared students hurt its science, technology, engineering, and math programs' reputations.


The location away from my job.


Sincerely, I do not find the University of North Dakota to be a considered a bad school at all. In my personal opinion, you make collage what what you want it to be. However, one of the things you definitely notice in the very first couple of weeks is who is here for an education and who is just looking to party. In reality the only downside of UND is the harsh winter that takes many new freshman by surpirse , Im not going to lie, it really does get below 0 down to -20.


The worst thing about my school, in my opinion would have to be an inexperienced teacher with too high of standards. A bad teacher can make you lose your intuition to try harder in the class.


It is very cold here! You have to have a parking pass to park ANYWHERE on campus that is really expensive, so those of us who don't have one have to park a long ways away to walk to classes. Dress warm and enjoy the trudge.


Lack of social activities that don't involve alcohol. Being we live in a colder climate, there isn't much to do outside in the winter, people stay in side and socialize, which most times involves drinking. Sporting events are big, but these also all involve drinking.


In my school I believe that the worst thing is that drinking is a norm on campus. It was strongly apparent that something was wrong when the majority of my dorm complex was out drinking the first night and my suite mate got a minor. Throughout the year I've seen friends G.P.A's drop and miss homework because of the peer pressure to drink on the weekends. A major factor for this is that the R.A.'s and faculty don't reprimand students who are caught because it has become a norm.


The Worst thing about my school is the binge drinking. It seems like its impossible to stop.


The location is the worst thing about the University of North Dakota. There is little to do in way of cultural events, such as art museums, concerts, or historical sites. Also, because of where it is located, the University of North Dakota suffers freezing temperatures. It was -35 degrees yesterday without windchill. The climate is definately not for the faint of heart.


It gets very cold in North Dakota and thier are not a lot of trees to block the wind so in the winter it gets very cold. The between classes can long in he cold but its a good size school so you have to expect that.


The lack of diversity among the student population. Also, many students did not seem very serious about their undergraduate education.


Not a lot of cultural variety, and the weather conditions in the winter can be often times brutal with temperatures dipping down to -40 degrees. Which is much different from where I am from.


weather and underfinanced chemistry department


The worst thing about the University of North Dakota that prospective students should consider is the weather. The temperature can reach -40 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind chill can reach -80 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, since UND is located on the plains of the Midwest, the winds can be very stong. A good winter jacket is a necessity.


The weather. In the months of Dec. Jan. and Feb. it is not uncommon to have to walk to class in -25 degree weather! BRRR! Also, there is not much to do in Grand Forks.


the office of the registrar is the most unhelpful building ever and the winters are brutal


Alcohol consumption among underage college students. This is the worse thing about my school because it causes smart students to get off course during their first couple of years of school. Some are able to make up the lost ground and others are not. Those that don't make it tend to drop out and don't finish their degree. This tends to also increase the cost for school because some students have to retake classes or cannot handle as heavy of a workload. Usually, the UND students learn from their mistakes and become successful professionals.


It's really really cold.




One thing I don't like about the school doesn't have to do with the school at all. It is the town. The potato plant has it's days where the smell is unbearable. It is hard to even walk outside sometimes because the smell is so bad. Students at this school definitely learn to deal with it because the pros about UND outweight the cons of the potato plant.


Alcohol use... cold winters... but I've lived here my whole life so it doesn't bother me too much


The cold weather isnt fun but they have great transportation and tunnels to get to class with out being cold.


Parking, parkng with plug ins. cheaper prices on things on like parking tickets.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the fact that many classes are only offered one semester during the year. I find it then difficult to fulfill major requirements when courses I want to take in the spring are only offered in the fall.


I would say along with the extremely cold weather, the added on fees that come with being a student here. For example, when you arrive on campus, you have to pay so much extra money for a parking permit, lab fees, on campus wellness center fees, in addition to other hidden fees that are "included" with your orientation, and often times many students don't realize that they pay for some things and then they never get to utilize those resources, because the university doesn't tell them what exactly they are paying for.


Not Sure


The worst thing about the school is its weather during the winter. We must be made of something tough up here if we can still have great regular attendance during an entire month of negetive degree temperatures, and that is before windchill.