University of North Dakota Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The University of North Dakota is a excellant school. Like any good college the classes are challenging but rewarding. It has a extremly diverse set of programs, ranging form aerospace sciences to a law school. But for some people it still might not be best. People interesting in getting a two year degree, or certificate, or someone who wants a technical degree might be better suited to a smaller, more specialized school. Perhaps a trade school or a community college.


People who don't like the cold! Winter is pretty harsh up in Grand Forks so new students should definitely be prepared for that.


One who can tolerate cold and focus because there can be a lot of riff raff on the weekends. I cannot promise you will make friends here, but if you go out, you certainly can meet a wide range of people at this school.


A person who cannot live in the cold. Winters can get colder than -20 and it stays like this for close to 6 months out of the year. Winters are very very harsh here and definatly something that needs to be taken into consideration.


There really is not a type or kind of person that shouldn't attend this school, there are so many people here and they are all so friendly that virtually anyone will find somewhere they belong. There are tons of clubs and organizations for everyones varying interests, so I think that anyone can go to the University of North Dakota and have a good time.


A person who does not enjoy a close knit student environment and does not wish to participate in community outreach. The communities in North Dakota often have issues with flooding in the spring and it is expected that the students in the states flagship colleges lend a hand to hold back the flood waters and protect people's homes. If you need a big city you should not attend this college. Although, Grand Forks is considered a city, it is small town in attitude. Don't be surprised if local store owners get to know you by name.


Just like any other institution, the type of person that shouldn't attend the University of North Dakota is the type who expects the teachers to teach the test and who would rather spend their time partying than studdying.


People who dont like big classes or need extra help should not go to this school because it is too large. They should go to a smaller school, so their classes are smaller and teachers will have more time to help them. If students want to go into chemistry, I choose another school.


Not accepting of others their beliefs.


People who aren't ready to work had for their degrees.


A person that I believe shouldn't attend this school is a person who is easily influenced by peer pressure. Peer pressure is always present in our daily lives but the pass time activities at my college have become such a normal thing that the peer pressure to drink, smoke, and party comes from everyone. A person who is easily influenced could be in danger of losing focus on grades and make mistakes that affect their goals or do something to permanently damage their future in the business world that could hurt their chances of getting a good job.


a conservative, partier, from the area


Do not attend UND if you cannot stand the cold, if you need large city living, or interesting landscape.


Someone who is not ready to attend a huge university away from home and doesn't like the harsh cold conditions.


the school is pretty accepting. the only people who shouldnt attend UND are people who really dont like cold. its pretty cold for most of the school year.


Someone who hates winter should not come here, winter is long and cold and dangerous.


Someone who can't handle a North Dakota winter (most people can manage).


Someone who is ready for work for their grade.


I think the kind of people that should attend this school should be outgoing. The reason I think this is because I don't think it would be a very fun school if you aren't willing to go out and meet people and participate in the activited that Grand Forks has to offer.


The University is open to all kinds of students.


Someone that wants to learn and improve themselves


I don't believe there are standards for individuals who shouldn't attend the University of North Dakota. It is an accepting school of different ethnic backgrounds and beliefs. I think anyone who is willing to put forth effort academically will succeed here.


No one, UND has something for everyone.


I can't think of anyone.