University of North Florida Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My school is a good sized university with around 16,000 students meaning there is always some one new to meet but it's not so big you get lost in the crowds like UCF of UF. There is always something to do on campus. There are many clubs and sports to get into, something for everyone. There's everything from a fishing club to a martial arts club where you can learn Chong Nhu to free movie nighta at one of the theaters on campus. If you love the "college life" UNF is a great place to be.


How nice the students around campus are and how inviting the University seems.


When i bragg about my school to my friends, I bring up so many great things about my university. My school has amazing school spirit, and the games are always packed out with students, greek life, and many other clubs. Not only that, but we have amazing achidemics and professors that are always there to give you advise and further assistance with class material. This University is more of a little community than a school, students can always find help wether it is from our staff and advisors, or even from different students.


The size. It has the fewest students out of all the public Florida universities.


I would mostly brag about the creativitly and soclusion of my school to my friends. I beleive that U.N.F. is one of a kind to have some many great opportunities for me. I brag to my friends mostly about the nature preserve that my school is located on and the special connection I am able to make with my professors.


The campus is nice and the university just opened a new biology building with new labs and equipment. The new building is very nice.


I brag most about the amount of social events that go on at my school; there are daily opportuinities to open yourself up to new environments and ideas while also meeting all kinds of different, open-minded people, though it is also hard not to brag about the genuine interest that the professors have in their class material and their students.


The small faculty-student ratio.


The campus & opportunities


The best aspect of my experience at UNF has been the quality of the professors. They have categorically presented a challanging and nurturing environment which is highly conducive to learning. They are available outside class via email and Blackboard conferencing to assist their students, which is very helpful. The other students who are in our program of study got into the program because they are focused and dedicated, so the overall gestalt of the classroom is one of fun and efficient learning.


I love UNF. I've met a lot of amazing people here and the professors do try to get to know you on a personal level. They really do seem like they care about your grades. I love the environment. It is close to the beach, shoping areas, downtown, and the campus is on a nature reserve so there are plenty of trails to walk around.


I brag about how nice the staff is to all the student at UNF. Every professor is willing to help every student including: office hours, emials, in class questions. I have no had a professor that does not care about their students, unlike other Florida Universities.


I absolutely love the academics at the University of North Florida. I feel like I am learning so incredibly much so fast!! I love that I am able to wake up everyday go to school and come home knowing something knew that I did not know prior to that day, it is truly an amazing feeling. I think this university really help you achieve academically. The courses are intense, but you will definitely be knowledgable in that subject at the end of the course!


I brag about the quality of the services and facilites that is offfered at the University of North Floria. The athletic department is oustanding and really cares about the health of the student body.


The unique classes offered, such as canine anatomy, and the close-knit community of students and professors in your particular college


I only inform my friends about my experiences at the University and avoid generalizing. In my discipline of psychology I inform my friends of the wonderful professors that I've had the privledge of being instructed by, especially those that teach with passion and out of genuine appreciation for their subject matter. The campus is placed in the center of nature preserve which makes for wonderful walks in the woods, excellent places for meditation and excercise. The University's library is marvellous! It boasts a colossal collection of books, periodicals, articles, etc. It makes for a wonderful study environment.


I brag about my professors. They are absolutely amazing and truely care about there students. They have an open door policy and encourage their students to seek their help. They are professional and expect a lot out of their students but they have a great student-professor relationship. They have abundant knowledge about their subject and teach it enthusiastically. They don't only teach their subjects, but they live them which is extremely important as an exercise science major. I am a lucky student to have such caring professors!


Most of my professors are readily available to assist me if I need help on big projects, essays, or even homework. Also, the fact that a lot of my tests are online helps take away the pressure of a testing environment. This has resulted in an increase in higher test scores which, adversely, increases my confidence.


I like to brag about the walk-way through the center of campus. May sound dumb; but if you go to school in Florida you will come to appreciate covered walk-ways during the rainy months.


Actually, that is kind of hard. I am not going to lie. But I guess the big perks of our school include a relatively small school compared to most other FL state colleges and the fact we are on a nature perserve. Because we are relatively small, a day will rarely go by, if at all, that you do not see someone you know. That is a nice feature. And the fact that our school is on a nature perserve means there is a lot of wildlife, trails to hike, and just a generally nice atmosphere.


How well rounded the professors are, we have alot who work in the field of study as well as in the class. This makes it where the professors can give more real life examples to the students. They also can help you find a good place to do your internship as well as helping you possibly find a job once you have graduated.


The University of North Florida has one of the top ranking Nursing school in all of Florida, which is something that I am very proud of! Also we have many other programs that are top programs in Florida also.


Friendly people supportive professors and plenty of activities.


The small class sizes and the individual attention given in each class is incredible.


It is pretty laid back. As long as you keep up with school work, it isn't too rough at all. Theres also a beach within 10 mins from the school.


When I speak to friends that went to colleges out of Jacksonville, I usually find myself having to listen to some lecherous epic of alcoholic consumption and sexual promiscuity. And everytime I am overjoyed to adopt a disapproving look as I explain the lack of such a prty oriented culture in my school. Obviously people at my school party, put it has not molded a definition that that is what college is about. Such a lifestyle has not pervaded my school to a degree where it turns potentially successful students to pursuers of material consumption on a large scale.


The Univeristy of North Florida is small so there is a lot of interaction with the professors. The professor can really help you with the course and you get to know them better so they help you with other stuff not related to teaching, career advise and your scholatic plan.


I am proud to tell my friends that I attend UNF beacause it is a great school due to its professional staff with real world experience, its low cost, and the excellent career assistance department. The campus is eco-friendly with many trees, ponds, and types of wildlife. The class sizes are relatively small. Walking around campus and interacting with students and professors is both and engaging and encourageing experience.


This school is pretty close to my house. There are classes available that you can consider as easy classes.


When I brag about my school, I tend to talk mostly about the great class sizes and how big greek life is on campus.


The fact the i am the president of Alpha Sigma Pi. The clubs here are great!!


All the fun and freinds I was able to experience while living in the dorms those first two years.




When I say that I go to the University of North Florida, I brag about their great business, music and nursing programs. The faculty is great; they're always there to help you. I am also proud of their commitment in continuing to expand, improve and maintain their facilities, faculty and services.


How environmentally friendly the campus has become and I love the trails on campus that extend about 8 miles. I also brag that the class sizes are smaller than most other universities. Professors know our names!


It is called "You Never Finish" but i did


The fact that I get to do thibks like weld steel and iron and porn multen metal like bronze and aluminum. I also have great professors and friends.


How nice it is becuase it the campus is all outside and the weather is always great and warm!!


The beach and the shopping center.


I would say that my school is great because the teachers really want to help you learn and get a good job after you graduate.


The open minded and laid back environment.


The classes are not overly big depending on your major, you get to know your professors and classmates pretty well. The campus is not very big. You can walk across the whole campus casually in about 15 minutes.


It feels extremely small for being such a large school. It has a great business program and is also very arts heavy.


It is a medium sized atmosphere with very friendly people and great surrounds. We have the beach less than ten minutes away, and we also have downtown jacksonville less than ten minutes away so you have the best of both worlds. Theres a great night life and you dont need to be apart of a fraternity or sorority to make friends around here. Which is great compared to other big colleges and the campus is surrounded by a beautiful nature preserve.


I don't really brag about my school.


How small the classes are, how nice the library is, how knowledgeable and kind my teachers are, and how nice the campus is.