University of North Florida Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Everyone is perfect for this school


If you like living near the beach and enjoy being around laid-back people, this school is for you. It is smaller than most major universities, so you do get to know people. The majority of people here are liberal in their political views. I would recommend this school to students who want to get to know their peers and teachers while staying academically-focused.


Someone who has a passion to change the world and likes to stand out should attend the University of North Florida. The school strives to keep an atmosphere that allows for every individual student to prosper and stay unique. Unlike the larger universities that have overwhelming class sizes and the typical college student can be tossed to the side, UNF supports every student with equal amounts of attention and communication. That is why it such a great school for someone who would like to make a world impression as there are so many opportunities through their successful study aboard program.


A students who has an idea of what he or she wants, is focused on school work as well as having a good time or relaxing, and is interested in a good size city,


If you put in the effort you will come out satisfied and well-learned in your respective field. The resources are here, so it's all up to you.


A person who doesn't like big cities since its on a nature preserve it feels like small town with where the campus is located.


This school is good for everryone.


A person who loves nature, loves meeting new people yet is unable to handle a huge crowd should attend UNF. It is the perfect size school; just big enough for you to meet new people every day but small enough that you can recognise people walking by you! The surroundings are gorgeous and the wildlife plentiful so anybody who loves the outdoors should consider this school!


Anyone who wants to get a degree.




Someone who doesn't like overwhelming number of students and likes to have more of a student professor relationship.


Someone who is looking for a medium sized school in FL. UNF is growing quickly and a lot of new buildings have gone up in the past two years. It feels like a college campus now, and it's really pretty because it is on a natural perserve. Someone who wants good teachers, smaller classes, and more teacher-student interactions should consider UNF. Also, there is a lot of opportunities to do research and internships without the competition you would find at a larger school.


Anyone can attend the University of North Florida. This university is perfect for the student who doesn't want to go to a major college full of thousands of students but still wants to get a quality education that a student at a major university has. There is a wide variety of personalities within the student body and they all get along resonibly well together.


UNF has a very diverse population of both faculty and students alike. I strongly believe that UNF offers such a variety of activities and opportunities that UNF can foster a caring and enriching enviornment for anyone. An open minded person would most likely have more opportunities to grow and gain experience because of the different programs and clubs offered at UNF.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone that desires small, structured classes. Teachers get to learn each and every student and do their best to help you succeed. I have taken many teachers that have told me that they would write me a recommendation letter anytime I need it.


I feel anyone would love this university.


Anyone who wants a valuable education.


A person who should attend this college needs to be driven and organized. Time Management is key to being successful here. Also, a person needs to have a balance of schoolwork responsibility and extra-cirricular activities. An individual needs to be very commited to doing the work provided and going beyond the task given. A person needs to be able to find time to study because there will be plenty of projects, tests and quizzes over the four year tenure.


Any kind of person should attend this school. There is a place, program, and club for every type of person. Everyone is greeted with open arms.


I think every kind of person would fit in perfectly at this school. Eveyone is open-minded and non-judgemental; there is a place for every type of person, regardless of their race, gender, political views, personal style, etc.


People with open minds and a willingness to work hard and learn should attend this school. Though not the most renowned school in the country, the University of North Florida challenges its studets in both the academic setting as well as in students' perceptions on real life. People often come away from this school getting much more from their experiences than they thought they would upon entering.


Anyone could come to UNF and probably fit in, but the majority of students on campus are very laid back, friendly, and are always willing to just hang out on the "green" and chat.


The type of person who should attend the University of North Florida is someone who likes a small campus. Also a person who is academically focused and willing to put a lot of work and effort into school. A person should attend UNF if they like small classrooms and want more of a one on one experience with your professor.


organized and responsible, outgoing and personable


I think that a person who is egar to learn, and is more school focused instead of party focused should attend this school. I think that someone who likes to express themselves would also like to attend this school as well.


The person attending the University of North Florida should be academically focused, but also willing to have some fun at the same time. The environment and atmosphere is the staple of this university, and can be appreciated by the students who enjoy that kind of natural surrounding.


A studious, future technology and world community minded student.


UNF seems best suited to those who are conservative and have led insular lives or those who like to party and school is a rushed afterthought.


Someone who is looking for an academically focused institution with excellent faculty, but doesn't want the big school experience.


I feel that anyone should be able to attend this school. As i walk around campus, i see a variety of people based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, and age.


UNF attracts people from the north because they want to be close to a beach and live in a warm state. Not to mention, UNF students have the option of living on or off campus, yet can still be involved in the festivities offered. Jacksonville is a relatively friendly area so it's generally very easy to make friends. There are many diverse students around campus so it should fitting in should not be a problem. Also, getting involved in clubs is a great way to meet people and make a difference.


Anyone could fit in at this school. I love it!


Those willing to learn, succeed, and be involved.


Someone who wants a challenge academically and to develop skills towards their career.


The school has great programs in business, engineering, nursing, and the arts. UNF is more of a liberal arts school and focuses on a smaller learning environment. If you like nature this is the campus for you, on campus there are walking trails and camp sites. There is also a beach with in ten minus of campus.


Someone focused on a career in business or any type of artistic field.


This is largely a communter school, although this is changing. Many of the students are southern, in their beliefs and culture. Most of the students strike me as boring and commonplace, focused largely on graduating in hopes of making money. Your average moderatly religious and politically moderate student who likes to drink and wear expensive clothes would fit in well at UNF.


Any kind of person can attend here. The university does a great job covering all aspects of the degree spectrum.


People who really don't like a school that is academically driven and focuses on motivating it students and actually reating actvities so that the more people will show school spirit.


This school is great for social people who don't want to get lost into a big university. Being in Jacksonville it does tend to be a more conservative Christian area, but the campus is very accepting of all people.


a student who is looking for a big time college with a small time college look. the business school has the same accredidation as harvard business school . the school has a great student body and atmosphere with new buildings and a grow school student body. the school is capping off at 20,000 undergraduate students.


Someone who wants individual attention in their classes, and someone who is relaxed and laid back. This school is pretty calm. We don't have a football team and sports aren't very big at UNF. We're just a bunch of academics who enjoy hanging out and partying it up with our friends.


The type of person who should attend this school is looking for a great education that can be done efficiently in four years. Teachers that lend a helping hand. A campus that is not to big in size but provides the same college education and experience as many of the larger universities in Florida.