University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

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The University of Northern Colorado has a great business and nursing program. I benefit from the nursing program because the biology and chemistry professors are great strong educators. The intermural sports are also unique at this school because students encourage their peers to join and stay active while getting a break from all the studying. I have met the majority of my friends at college through intermural sports and it has given me the oppurtunity to experience one of the best things in college.


It is a smaller school and really gives the students the upper hand in learning. The learning environment is excellent, the classes are small and the professors are willing to help their students. The campus is pretty, and compact enough to easily get around. They also are allowing me to easily double major where other colleges would not.


The cost of attendance, although still expensive, is alot less than other major universities in Colorado. Also, the business school is excellent, and for those looking into nursing or teaching it has great programs as well.


I liked the size of my school, the fact that it is one of the best for education, as well as the library is large with useful information. One of the best things about my school, is they really care. I have met several times with my academic advisors, and RA, to make sure I am on track and doing well. I like the fact that when I came to observe i was able to meet with adults, an academic advisor and an admission advisor, to see how well I was matched with the school.


The size of this college is perfect because it wasn't huge like CU boulder and wasn't as small as Metro.


There are a couple unique aspects to the University of Northern Coloradon for me personally. I looked at other colleges which had more people attending but I really love the more small town and closer relationships that I can form because of the size. Also unique to UNC is the student layout; we are very diverse in the student population and so we are unique in the cultural flare of the college. Beyond that, one more unique aspect is the student engagement and envolvement which has exceeded my expectation for the past year and a half.


The campus has a really good feel. Also the community in the dorms is amazing the RA's really work to create a community so that everyone feels included so that made the transition to college a lot better.


Something that still amazes me about the University of Northern Colorado is it's small community. The school was small enough that my professors knew me and knew my potential. I was able to work closer with classmates as most of us moved together throughout our degrees. I enjoyed having a group to help with the transition to college, the courses and the life outside of school. We were about to create a tight college community.


University of Northern colorado wasn't as big as some of the other schools i looked at. The setup of it was different as well it was spread out but not too far apart.


The school I am attending has a knack for producing top notch teachers. I am a Music Education major and the more I travel through Colorado, the more I begin to realize that a huge percentage of the teachers for all subjects that are teaching at a Colorado school graduated from UNC. The University of Northern Colorado is not even specifically a Teacher's School, but they constantly produce quality graduates.


My school is unique because it is a mixture of many different things. Students are bound to find one thing that they like at UNC. For example, there are big classes as well as small, and many activities that go on day to day.


It is always a positive when school is close to home, but what is really unique about UNC is its programs. There is always cool programs going on for everyone. There are so many clubs to attend and a positive attitude in all of them. I find that a smaller campus like UNC is nicer because you don't have to walk as far. I find that the staff at UNC is amazing. Every teacher that I have had has been very attentive and interesting in my passions in life. UNC is above all a great school.


The University of Northern Colorado provides some of the greatest training for acting and theatre education in the country (in relation to the price of tuition).


It is a teaching school, pute a lot of empahsess on creating good teachers


I believe that this school is unique because of the fact that it is not as big as other 4-year universities. It is big enough to where it is diverse and has many different students, yet it is easy to get to know your classmates.


Compared to the other universities that I applied to, the University of Northern Colorado had a certain something about it that I knew made it special. I noticed immediately that the people here are so welcoming and all they want you to do is succeed in everything that you try. I noticed that even though it is a state school, the class sizes were much smaller than some of the other private universities that I considered. Also, UNC has a beautiful campus. When it snows, the campus looks so magical. Overall, UNC is an awesome school.


The fact that my school is a community college makes it possible to have more involvment with the proffesors. Class sizes are usually between 20-40 students, as opposed to having auditoriums with hundreds of students at a time. Teachers will teach the class directly, instead of having an aide or a graduate student addressing the class for lectures. these aspects of a community college help a great deal with the learning process.


The teachers here at UNC are very helpful. They want you to succeed and they'll help you with whatever you need, but you have to tell them you need help. They're not mind readers after all.


Most of the classes are small. There is a lot more attention given to each student which is a better environment to learn in.


The campus is very pretty. The school is small enough to be able to walk outside and recognize people that you know; however, it is big enough that you do not know everyone on campus. I like this very much because I come from a very small town that everyone knows everyone so its a great sense of freedom without losing your identity.


What is unique about our school is that there are more than one theatres offered. We have up to three theatre areas offered, and all of them are spectacular and beautiful. Since, being a theatre major, I am definitely intrigued by what this campus has to offer in that field. Our university is also unique in the fact that there are big time professors here, who definitely have experience in the fields in which they are teaching. It's amazing to know that my theatre professors have experience to which I am focusing my education and career towards.


I loved how great all the people were when I visited the campus before I enrolled in classes


The campus is beautiful and quiet on the weekends (students go to surrounding cities to "party") which makes it easy to concentrate on studying when you need to. It is also very student oriented where the faculty and advisors are really there for you in whatever you might need.


We only have about 10 students per class, so they are very intense classes. We have 5 week classes that we attend 3 times a week for 3 hours per session. These classes are condensed but are well worth it!


UNC was smaller than the other schools that I applied to and more homey. I really was attracted to the personal attention, small classes, great music program, and education program. Those things combines attracted me to UNC.


One thing that really sets apart the Universtiy of Colorado from other universities are the students. Friendships that are made here are very strong and are generally long lived. Friends go out together and study together and it is untypical to see people walking the campus without company. The school work is not hard but it invokes thought and in my opinion helps to retain the infromation.


The smell that wafts from the farms


This School has one of the most beautiful campuses in the state. The school was built in 1869 and most of the buildings on Central Campus are the typical marble steps and enormous granite comlumn types that pan across the east coast. It is a huge college town, about 75% of the town are college students. The school has one of the best undergraduate programs in the nation for business, nursing and education. The theater program is amongst the best in the nation as well. Many famous athletes and actors have attended this university.


strong programs at very low state funded costs


University of Northern Colorado has a great teaching program. The teachers here in the sports and exercise science/p.e program are very knowledgabel about their content and have even written textbooks. Although professors here are challenging, the experience in learning and the way that they teach is second to none. I will be proud to say that i graduate from this university as a future physical education teacher


Staff members in the math department are my savior. The hispanic teachers go beyond to assist me in my financial needs and with the conflicts in the secondary department. They have gone to fight my battles because of Mrs. Middleton's actions. I has able to get some emotional relief from s the math department. I applied for scholarships with the assistance from the math department. Although, I have not recieved any scholarships from the college thus far. It seems with few hispanic students completing college, that assistance who be available to make it easier to attend UNC.


It has an outstanding education program and it smells like dead cows.