University of Northern Iowa Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Northern Iowa is a great place for students to fit in and a small campus.


The University of Northern Iowa strives to make sure every student receives a quality education by providing smaller class sizes in order to allow personal relationships with professors and great learning environments.


The University of Northern Iowa is academically challenging and has opened up new oppurtunities in my job and lifestyle.


My school is very welcoming, as it gives students a home-like environment that is not too big or too small, and as it accomodates for almost anything a student could need without having to leave campus.


The University of Northern Iowa is small, friendly, and focused on helping its students find careers after graduation.


UNI is a college that makes it's students feel right at home.


The University of Northern Iowa is the perfect size for me, being not too small but not too large, and the atmosphere here is easy to get accustomed to and the professors are more than I could have imagined!


The University of Northern Iowa is an institution dedicated to providing the best atmosphere for learning.


The University of Northern Iowa has many opportunities available for all areas of study, and has provided me with the resources I need to be successful with my academics.


The University of Northern Iowa is a community oriented public school with opportunities to grow both personally and academically.


University of Northern Iowa is great college full of many caring professors and lots of friendly people.


UNI is a good school, but seems to not utilize the money i give them towards my needs.


A middle sized campus that is extremely friendly and willing to help its students succeed to the best of its ability.


UNI is the perfect sized school that provides a great education.


The University of Northern Iowa is a University that is dedicated to the success of all of its students. In each academic school the counciling centers are focused on the students to make sure that they have programed their classes in a manner that promotes completion through each program. The professors are personable and encourage student participation in each class. Students are encouraged to be active learners and take ownership in their learning.


UNI is a place to grow into an individual while still being supported by a community.


UNI is a friendly place were you can learn a lot, make wonderful friends, and feel at home.


UNI is a medium-sized school that caters to each student personally with a reasonable cost where 99% of the student body is friendly, outgoing and involved.


UNI isn't: too big or too small, too liberal or too conservative, too expensive, it's just right.


A school that isn't too big but not too small. It allows you a variety of experiences with people of many different kinds.


Great place for my college education


The Univeresity of Northern Iowa has been a huge disapointment, the students are more focused on alchol and socializing than their grades.


A great place for college and for meeting people.


I love my school. It is very friendly, and I feel there is always something going on. The professors are always willing to help me when I have a problem with what is going on in class.


All of the amenities of a large, state school with the feel of a small, private university. Beautiful and small campus with awesome faculty, staff and students. There are so many extra activities everyday, you will only be bored if you try!


Perfect!! The campus is not very big, but it's not very small either. You can get from one end of campus to the other in 15 minutes or less by foot, but most students ride bikes and there are bike racks outside every hall. The campus is also full of art which makes it look very alive and interesting. There are plenty of carrer paths available, and plenty of classes for everyone to graduate on time. Class sizes are small to medium, and rearely exceed 100+ students.


UNI is not too big, not too small, and very friendly


My school has a rich environment to be in, and is aesthetically pleasing; it provides plenty of opportunity for every student to get involved outside of class in their area of interest.


A friendly, clean learning enviroment.


UNI offers a world-class education in a comfortable and welcoming mid-western environment.


This school is great for helping people develop intellectually and socially.


UNI is small and friendly, but can be misleading on some important aspects like cost and what you'll actually get out of a class.

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