University of Northern Iowa Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are not very diverse racially, but for the most part they are all outgoing, polite, hard-working and kind. The students here at UNI seem to be your typical college students, staying up well into the night to study and do homework, but also enjoying hanging out with peers. Overall, I would say my classmates here are welcoming and friendly. I do not think I've met one judgmental or rude person here.


The students here on campus are, for the most part, pretty accepting. Since we are a smaller university in northeast Iowa, UNI students are predominantly white, middle class, Christians. However, there are students of several races, ethnic backgrounds, and nationalities. There are safe zone signs posted in several places around campus including many professors' office doors indicating they are safe for the LGBT community. There are some cliques just from people getting together from different activities and stuff, but for the most part everyone is pretty intermingled. For example, my freshman year, my closest group of friends on my floor would have been from completely different high school cliques ranging from the jock to the nerd.


My classmates are all very down to earth and eager to learn and meet new people.


Most of my classmates are very motivated individuals. The quality of work that they put into everything is so much greater than anything I saw in high school. Its a really self-motivating environment just saying how well everyone around you performs.


My classmates are looking forward to getting a degree and starting their career.


My classmates are fun, crazy and for the most part dedicated and committed students.


My classmates here at UNI are nice. When needing help they will often be willing to help out. Also when working in groups I have not had any bad group to work with. Everyone is always there to give their portion of the work and help the group do the best that we can.


Focused and driven; it's impossible to call UNI students anything but thrilled to be here, and although we come in all shapes and sizes, we are all powered by a single goal: to succeed.


Many of the students in my classes are just going to college for a piece of paper that says they graduated, not to get an education toward a career.


My classmates are school oriented, but they also know how to relax and have fun when all the homework is finished.


My classmates are all willing to help out, and they are willing to interact and be a part of your life.


All of my classmates come from different backgrounds and beliefs, but we are all here to get an education, and we work together to acheive our goals.


My classmates are diverse in nature, but most of them are very nice.


They are very reliable and helpful in my studies.


My classsmates are flowers yearning to grow and blossom, and become stronger in their knowledge of the world.


Small professor to student ratio except for a couple classes, teachers are very open to communication, fellow classmates are nice and friendly.


My classmates are friendly, welcoming, eager to learn, and are going somewhere with their future.


Fun people who are nice and still fairly focused on learning.


Most of my classmates are shy at first, but as the semester continues, most of the students open up to each other, it just takes some time for that to happen, but after they open up, they are fun to talk to and helpful.


Im in the teaching field so I have grown close to a lot of classmates because we use each other as resources.


i don't have classes with the same people.


Diverse, everyone brings something to the table.


Good people to become friends with.


My classmates are very interesting and unique people.


Generally friendly and helpful.


Classmates are easily distracted, but willing to learn


My classmates are friendly people from the Mid West with very good work ethic and morals. Though the majority are caucasion, they are very diverse in thought and incredibly open to people of other ethnicity. Most grew up in towns smaller than 20,000 people. However, people of other race are usually from much larger cities. My peers are easy to get along with and perform lots of group work.


pretty intellegent people, if you find the right group to get in with early you should do fine




They keep class interesting and most are outspoken so during class you're presented with different perspectives.