University of Northern Iowa Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics at UNI are a huge reason that I decided to attend this school. The class sizes are very reasonable and the professors are very personable. I have never had a professor that wouldn't go out of their way to meet with students and give extra help outside of class. Many of my professors know me by name and email with me frequently. There are also many free tutoring resources within the colleges and throughout the entire University for specific subjects, and it is a pretty simple process. I personally study or work on homework at least a couple hours a day, and do well in my classes. I am a business major and the students within my major classes are competitive and hard workers, as the college of business has high standards and a great reputation. The business program is aimed at getting students job ready. The most unique class I have taken is an honors course in which the entire course is student led. I had to help led 2 out of the 15 classes in the semester and when you aren't leading a class, you write a short reflection over required readings. This is a unique way of learning from each other.


The academics at UNI are challenging but definitely doable. All of the professors that I've had have been very clear that they are willing to help if we need the help. Also, all professors have office hours, and most are flexible and allow you to schedule an appointment at other times if you can't make the set times. You can use these times to talk about homework, classes, or just go in and talk. They are willing to help if you make the time to go in and talk to them. Many of the classes I've taken have been in classes of less than 50, and so class participation is encouraged and sometimes required. There are also university tutors, where the university hires students to help their peers in virtually every subject free of charge. The classes here are also guiding you to do what you need to after college. Many of the Liberal Arts classes are set up just for learning, but once you get into the classes needed for your major they are geared toward practicality and what you are going to use in your job.