University of Northern Iowa Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The University of Northern Iowa is a great place to go if you would like to feel like you're actually at a college but it's not too big that you're overwhelmed. The layout of the buildings on campus just makes sense and it doesnt take more than 10 minutes to get from one end of campus to the other. Also the dining center food is usually pretty good because there are a lot of options.


We have great school spirit and just an overwhelming atmosphere on campus. There are a ton of activities to get involved with and it's easy to meet people.


I let all my friends know that it only takes around ten minutes to walk all the way across campus, I know all of my professors personally, and I'm part of a great golf team. Most of my friends go to bigger schools where it takes them half an hour to get to class, whereas at the University of Northern Iowa it usually takes me five minutes to get to any of my classes. I don't waste time walking everywhere and I have more time to do other things. The campus is beautiful as well.


When I talk about UNI with my friends I tell them about the small class sizes and how the professors really get to know you personally. The enviroment here is warm and inviting to everyone. The athletics at UNI are another thing I brag about, telling them how much fun it is to attend a football game in the UNI-Dome or to sit in the front frow cheering on the basketball team. It's hard to just say one or two things about UNI and how much I love it when bragging to my friends.


That it is a good school where the professors are awesome. They are so helpful and willing to get to know you. They like to share stories about how they use their schooling in the real world, so you are not just sitting there thinking what will this ever be used for.


The beautiful campus and how well it's maintained, as well as the fantastic events going on at any given time; there's never a moment of boredom on campus, and there's always something for everyone. In addition, everyone I talk to on campus agrees that we have brilliant professors, and there are very few classes that don't hold some kind of interest.


How small the classes are and how well I know the teachers. Also, how many people I meet through the various activites, classes and dormitory halls. Another awesome plus is how the campus isn't too small OR too big -- the furthest walk you would have to make is 10 minutes tops! It is also the cheapest major public university in Iowa, but with the same quality education. Its not too far from home and Cedar Falls is an awesome host city. I also love the free tutoring offered.


UNI 2010 Basketball team won an ESPY for the best upset game of the year. I met some students from University of Kansas while on vacation in the Bahamas and when I revealed what school I attended, a very lively conversation and debate ensued.


The campus is not too small or big. There is a strong sense of school pride here. We are strong academically and through our sports. The campus is small in a good way and the living arrangements on and off campus are really good. There is a lot of food options and the food isnt that bad.


It is know for its Teacher Education program.


I mostly talk about the feeling of community at my school. Everyone tries hard to work together and there is a genuine sense of concern for fellow students and staff members. It has a true small-town quality with modern education techniques and opportunities.


I tell my friends about the excellent communication skills my professors have and that I feel they really care about me learning along with understanding the information they present.


The communication! The communication at UNI is amazing. There is simply easy contact with teachers, advisors, RAs, etc. Through internet, email, learning websites, phone, postal mail, and one on one talks. Professors check their email constantly and can always get back to me within a hour. In stressed situations it really makes a difference. Weather related conditions and emergencies are released by a text message, an email, and a phone call. You never have to worry- because you always know. Communication is key to education.


The faculty treat the students like colleagues and make us feel like our opinions matter.


THe school I graduated from had a great education department.


What I brag about the most is probably the facilities we have access to using. UNI has an amazing recreational center that I really enjoy spending time at. I also like to brag about all the social activites that go on. There is never a dull moment at UNI, you can always find something to do and friends to be with.


Great social life and good class sizes


How friendly people are here and how much fun I am having. The academics here are also amazing I have loved most of my professors.


I tell my friends that my school is well known about most of its academic programs. Students learn a lot from every program offered at the University of Northern Iowa.


That it is just the right size, they have an amazing theater program, and there are tons of ways to get invovled, and the people are nice, and willing to help with whatever. The eating place is open for those with allergies (like me) and assist well.


The great faculty and free sporting events


Its not huge but you don't see the same people every day.


All the stuff to do on campus.


How nice the campus and my apartment are. I have a pool in my backyard and the dome is a stones through away.


financial aid


I brag about how many opportunities there are to get involved on campus. I always take pictures of the carnivals and show off how much fun I have.

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