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What kind of person should attend this school?


I think everyone should attend UNI. There's literally something for everyone here. I've met so many different types of people since I came here, which just goes to show you that UNI caters to everyone.


Every kind.


anyone that wants to get there education


The kind of person that should attend the University of Northern Iowa should be anyone that wants to be in a very relaxed enviornment. Someone who truely values their education and is pushing themselves to move forward in life and enrich the lives of others as well as their own life.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who doesn't want an enormous school. This university to me makes me feel at home which is one of the reasons I chose to go here. There are tons of activities going on all the time so a person who really likes to be involved would love to go here.


Someone who wants a private education but not the cost. Accounting, Marketing, Science, Teaching majors.


Someone who likes to be involved and have more personal time with teachers. Someone who likes hands on and not lectures. UNI is a very social school so you should be friendly and open to new things. Someone who wants a well rounded education and is willing to take multiple Liberal Arts Courses to round it out. Someone who might want to try Studying Abroad or even take a random class - just to fall in love with it! UNI has so much to offer to almost anyone, no matter what their interests entail.


A person that is hard-working and willing to work with others should attend UNI. There are many Liberal Arts Core classes and many encourage working in groups and doing group presentations. UNI is neither a big school nor a little school. There are about 12,000 undergraduates, so people looking for a personalized school should attend UNI.


Any type of person can attend the University of Northern Iowa. There are so many different types of people on campus that anyone could find someone else with common interests.


People who want to attend college and obtain a good career should attend this school. It has something to offer for everyone and I feel that it is a great place where all can fit in.


Really anyone could attended this university. But if you get overwhelmed but large groups of people or have the need to feel that one on one connection with a teacher then they should consider UNI.


This school is great for anyone that likes diversity. The university offers a multitude of educational, athletic, and performance programs for everyone's taste and interests.


A person who should attend this school is one who enjoys a small campus and who wants to become a teacher. The University of Northern Iowa has a great program for those wanting to teach in elementary, middle, or high schools because they give you opportunities to observe and student teach in classrooms within their selected area such as elementary school.


A person who does not mind large class sizes should attend the University of Northern Iowa. Classes can be small, but most have many students. Someone who has the ability to communicate well with others is ideal for this university because there are many circumstances in which students need to communicate numerous times with professors and other students. Someone who is looking to work hard in their education should also attend. Yes, the University of Northern Iowa is a fun school, but they are also very concerned about their students' education. Students come first.


Anyone wanting a big-school opportunity with a small school feel. They really emphasize putting students first.


Simple small town people are more inclined to like it here. The small classroom sizes and personal relations with your proffessors make it a step up from high school, but not too dramatic of a step. The campus is small, and easy to get around. The majority of the people here are very friendly, so nice people are always welcome!


Anyone who would like a quality education for a great price. UNI is not too big and not too small, it is the perfect size for any student.


Any. It's a big school with a lot of variety.


Fun, laid back, small town


Someone who is looking for a fun and friendly environment with not too many students.


Those interested in business.


Someone willing to work hard, and still manage to have fun.


someone who wants a not too large not too small campus. someone who wants to meet alot of people. somone who prefers smaller class sizes on average.


If you are looking for a university that seems "just right," the University of Northern Iowa would be a great fit. WIth just over 12,600 undergraduate students, UNI is the only medium-sized university in Iowa. UNI is a great place to find out who you are and who you want to be. If you want to get involved, gain school spirit, make friends for life, and enjoy you college experience, UNI is a great place to call home for the next 4 years.


Someone who attends this school should be willing to challenges themselves to get the best education possible. They should be willing to put a decent amount of time into their work, but also allow themselves time to participate in school activities.


Anyone who wants to be social or break out of thier box and meet new people. There is always someone around who is ready to be your friend.


outgoing fun to be around


Someone who wants a variety in their education and afterschool life.


Resilient, hardworking young adults with a desire to better undertand the world in which they live. The majority of students at UNI are good, kind people with open minds and a realistic view of the world.


A person who likes to learn, have fun and meet great people.


A person who has equal values about succeeding academically and having a rewarding social life.


This is the type of school for a variety of people to attend. While many who go there are midwest, middle of the road, type of people, there are others. This school can be great for someone who is very academically driven, there are many honors programs and courses to be involved in, beyond the regular "state school" curriculum.


Self motivated students who are willing to learn and succeed.


I think that a great thing about the school is that anyone who is determined, open-minded, and just wanting to have a great experience should go. I don't believe there is a specific type of individual who will excel over others, just because of certain traits. UNI is fun, encouraging, and extremely rewarding.

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