University of Northwestern Ohio Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My college is actually a unique school because it combines a college of business side with a technology side. Our technology side is one of the best automotive and diesel schools in the country. I have alot of respect for the students on that side because I find their topic of study very interesting. The other side is business and it is a small, friendly university that is centered around the success for the students. I work in the Registrar's office here and customer satisfaction is number one to us! I truly enjoy my school.


Reputation in automotive industry is sterling, especially in high performance and alternative fuels arenas.


My school is best known for their technology side. They have people from all over coming to work on cars and tractors.


Career placement.


being the best in teaching mechanics how to fix engines


It's a highly acreditted business school. Northwestern also offers quality tech programs such as their high performance engine/pitt crew technological degrees.


our school is the only school with a dirt track