University of Northwestern Ohio Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell people about my school. I tell them that I will have my associates degree in 18 months and from day one will be put in classes about my major. I also brag about the class schedule. Classes are done by 2pm every day so I still have time for work.


the level of education i recieve threw out each class and how easy the class scheduals are


The University of Northwesten Ohio is in the quarters not semesters for the year. We have forty-five minute class periods. The professors are great, they help when you have questions or need extra help. The professors select the text books in which we learn our curriculum.We have a weightlifting room and a gym. They are building on site now for tennis courts, soccer fields, and softball/baseball fields. It is overall a credible school to attend.


The University of Northwestern Ohio is one of the top technical school in the state as far as your Automotive, Diesel, Agriculture, HVAC is concerned. This University is 1 of 6 of the original training consortiums for Alternative Fuels which when added on will give you an edge in the field. The High Performnce building is a great fix to if you loo at getting into the racing industry. We give top training using the newest equipment out in the field to help students learn the lastest technical diagnosis out there, that it untouchable to any other technical college.


they do teach well


high performance


Nothing really. There is nothing really outstanding about this school.


the racing


How quickly I was able to get my BS. But it cost me much more than it should have.


I only attend school 4 days a week, rarely any homework.


with a degree from this school i can get a job anywhere in the world working on diesel engines.


That I am learning a lot and making good grades in the classes in which I am looking to start my career in.


The techonology program here is one of the best in the United States.